What Happens After a DUI Arrest in Colonial Heights

If you were charged with driving under the influence, call an attorney to discuss what happens after a DUI arrest in Colonial Heights. Because of the numerous penalties that could arise upon conviction, it is essential to understand how each step works. By enlisting a knowledgeable and experienced attorney, you could have assistance with understanding the process, your legal rights, and how to best defend yourself.

Where is a Person Taken After a Drunk Driving Arrest in Colonial Heights?

If someone is conscious, then immediately after a DUI arrest, they are going to be taken to a police station. Here, an individual can administer a breathalyzer on them. If they are unconscious, however, then they would be transported to a local hospital in order to stabilize them so they can be returned to the police station.

When Can a Person Refuse to Take a BAC Test?

A person can always refuse to take a BAC (“Blood Alcohol Content”) test, and authorities cannot force them to take one. It is the person’s body and it is their right to say no. The same holds true for breathalyzer tests.

However, there can be consequences to a refusal. When dealing with a breathalyzer, for example, if a person refuses to take the test, and the officer subsequently proves that there was probable cause to arrest them for a DUI, then they do risk being charged with a refusal. If they are charged, they could lose their license for a year without having the option of a restricted license.

The 10 Steps to Take Following a DUI Arrest

On a first-offense DUI, the person’s license is automatically suspended for seven days. That automatic suspension is an administrative suspension, which means the license is taken from them based on the fact that they were charged with a DUI.

They will get their license back after seven days. After that period, they can operate their vehicle again. However, it is imperative that during that seven-day period, they do not get caught driving at all. If they are caught, they can receive another Class 1 misdemeanor charge for driving on a suspended license. Naturally, this will create an additional problem for them.

Because of the importance of understanding the steps to take after a DUI arrest, anyone charged with one in Colonial Heights might benefit from contacting an attorney for assistance. A lawyer could sit down with them and discuss the details of their particular situation. Then, they could begin building a defense strategy. Based upon those discussions, an attorney could then:

  • Gather information
  • File the appropriate motions with the Court
  • Investigate the case
  • Pull police body cams

Call an Attorney to Discuss How to Proceed After a DUI Arrest in Colonial Heights

The moment an individual realizes they are going to have some police interaction, they should call a lawyer so they can discuss what to do. In fact, an individual can contact an attorney during a DUI stop. If they do not, they could still contact a lawyer anytime during the ensuing process. However, the sooner this is done, the sooner a lawyer could help them navigate bond hearings, initial court appearances, trials, and any other necessary steps to help defend their rights.

If you were charged with driving under the influence, understanding what happens after a DUI arrest in Colonial Heights could be helpful. To learn more, reach out today to schedule a consultation.