How a DUI Impacts Insurance in Colonial Heights

The court reports all conviction for driving-related offenses, including DUIs, to the Department of Motor Vehicles. The DMV then reports the offense to the driver’s insurance company, and they may raise their auto insurance rates as a result. After a DUI conviction, some drivers may find they can no longer afford to drive.

If you were charged with a DUI, ask a knowledgeable lawyer how a DUI impacts insurance in Colonial Heights. By fighting against a conviction, you could avoid the long-term impact of insurance hikes. Call today to schedule a case review.

Consequences of a Colonial Height DUI Conviction

If a person is convicted for committing a DUI, their insurance rate would increase. Additionally, the State of Virginia requires individuals convicted of DUI to start carrying a special kind of insurance. The “DUI Insurance,” or the FR44, is liability insurance coverage. A person is required to be covered by that if they are convicted of a DUI.

It is much more expensive because they are considered to be a dangerous driver. If they do not carry that specific insurance and they are subsequently pulled over for another infraction, they could be charged with driving without insurance.

Acquittals and Dropped Charges

If a person is charged with a DUI but not convicted, their insurance should not be affected at all. However, insurance companies are privately run, and every company operates differently. Depending on what the plan is, this could be false. Generally, if someone is charged with a DUI or other traffic offense but not convicted, there should be no effect on their insurance.

Can the Insurance Company Drop Someone?

A person’s auto insurance company could drop them from coverage, but it depends on the circumstances and the policy. Generally, most auto insurance would have a clause referencing criminal convictions, and a DUI could lead to an insurance company dropping someone. Most of the time, they would opt to raise rates rather than drop someone. They are a business that wants to make money, but if they find that the person is too big of a risk, they could drop them.

Schedule a Consultation with a Colonial Heights DUI Attorney

If you face DUI charges, reach out to a DUI attorney and schedule a consultation. At an initial consultation, you should bring all the information about your charges, including any citations. If there is an allegation that you did not keep or have the proper insurance at the time of the DUI, you should also bring your insurance card and a copy of your policy. It is important to have documentation showing the type of coverage, the date the policy began, and its expiration date.

An experienced attorney understands how a DUI impacts insurance in Colonial Heights, and they could work to protect you from expensive rate hikes. After your initial consultation, a DUI defense attorney could help protect your insurance status and rates. A seasoned lawyer could fight to get the case dismissed or have the charge amended or reduced to something that does not carry such a severe penalty against your criminal record, their insurance, and your driving record.