DUI Car Searches in Colonial Heights

When an individual is pulled over for a suspected DUI offense, law enforcement might insist on looking at their cars. Typically, the police must have a valid reason for searching an individual’s car. If you want to know more about DUI car searches in Colonial Heights, speak with a dedicated DUI attorney that could defend your case.

Circumstances Under Which a Car Would Be Searched

A vehicle can be searched under all circumstances. If the police officers have reason to, they will ask the person if they can search their car. If there is probable cause of possible evidence of a crime inside of the vehicle, then the vehicle can be searched without the person’s permission. If they smell marijuana or they see two or three empty airplane alcohol bottles or the person tells them that they keep cocaine in the glove box, then all of that can lead to probable cause to search the vehicle.

The police can also conduct what is called an administrative search. If the police take the car into custody, they can search it. Once it is on their property, they can search it administratively. Lastly, there are search warrants. If the police have probable cause to believe that the person committed some other kind of crime with the car, but they do not necessarily know for sure, then they can search it immediately, then have it towed and get a search warrant.

Impact a Search Can Have on a Case if Illegal Substances Are Found

The impact that DUI car searches in Colonial Heights may have on a case is going to depend on the other facts surrounding the DUI. If the officer was dealing with a DUI, there are a couple of different ways in which a DUI can be proven or shown. It can be DUI based off of alcohol or DUI based off of some kind of a drug, an intoxicant, e.g., marijuana, codeine, Xanax, whatever the case may be; but it is going to be alcohol-based or drug-based.

When searching the vehicle, if the officers find illegal substances, that may change the way that the person is ultimately prosecuted for DUI, because it can enter into the realm of a drug-based DUI as opposed to an alcohol-based DUI. Also, it can lead to new charges on top of the DUI based off of what is found. If they find illegal substances in the vehicle, then the person is now looking at possession charges instead of just a flat DUI.

Effects the Discovery of Illegal Substances Can Have on Bond

The discovery of illegal substances during a DUI car search can also change the way in which the person is approached in reference to a bond because possessing illegal drugs while operating a motor vehicle is multiple charges, which can increase the chance that the person is not given a bond. It can change the way in which the prosecution views the person because they are now viewed as somebody who has a drinking problem who needs help or they could be somebody who liked to do recreational drugs at a party and put everybody else in danger.

Steps a Colonial Heights DUI Attorney Could Take

If an attorney is retained in time, they can do whatever you need them to do in order to protect your rights. Your lawyer could call the tow yard in order to let them know that you are on your way to pick up the car. Furthermore, an attorney could answer any questions you may have about DUI car searches in Colonial Heights. Speak with a skilled lawyer today, and know that you are in capable hands.