Client Reviews

Able And Professional

Karin Porter represented me in a motor vehicle incident in Fairfax, Va. Not only was she very able and professional, she also treated me with the utmost courtesy and respect. Her legal knowledge was superb and she quided me through every step of the process, keeping me appraised of all stages of the legal proceedings. A phone call or email from me was returned almost at once. To her I was a human being in need of assistance , not just another legal challenge. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of the best and most caring legal help.

World Class Service

Karin demonstrates competence and the general litigation know-how in dealing with opposing attorneys. Karin fosters flexibility and interpersonal leadership during the course of the process.

No complaints; world class service indeed.

Happy and Satisfied

I got myself in a pickle and even though I did not completely fulfill some of my duties and things were looking woeful, Karen’s expertise came in hand. Needless to say I am both happy and satisfied with the outcome, I was always treated with respect and felt comfortable. Needless to say i recommend her services 10/10.

Great Eperience

I had a great experience after hiring Karin. After receiving a DWI charge in the Fairfax area, I was extremely nervous about receiving something permanent on my record that would hurt my job prospects going forward. Karin was very helpful and responsive, truly giving me confidence in a situation that could have been much worse. She put in the utmost effort leading up to my court date and was always responsive and willing to talk me through things. On the day of my court date she was able to use her relationships and past experience as a prosecutor to secure me a plea bargain that left all charges off my criminal record. I would highly recommend Karin Porter to anyone in a situation that may be similar to mine.


Ms. Karin Riley Porter was wonderful! She has such an amazing team, they are all very friendly. The moment I contacted her she made sure everything would get taken care of. She contacted me everyday to make sure we had everything needed in order to be prepared for my case. The whole process was very easy, everything was by phone/email. I did not meet her until my actual court date. I was a bit hesitant, but she made sure everything would go smoothly and it sure did. A friend of mine who was looking for a lawyer last year went with my recommendation & was also very highly satisfied Ms. Porter and her team. Highly recommended!