Fredericksburg Criminal Lawyer

When facing any type of criminal charge in Fredericksburg, it is important for the accused individual to be aware of the specific allegations against them and the potential penalties that they may be facing. A criminal conviction, both for misdemeanor and felony charges, can impact a person’s life in many negative ways and, depending on the case and the charges, a person can find that a criminal conviction can hinder their employment, housing, and even their right to vote.

Prosecutors in Virginia, including Fredericksburg, take criminal charges very seriously. For this reason, it is crucial that a person charged with a criminal offense contact a Fredericksburg criminal lawyer immediately. An experienced attorney can help guide a person through the legal process ahead of them. They can help the defendant gain a firm understanding of the process so they can make informed decisions regarding their case. In addition, a qualified lawyer can use their knowledge of the Fredericksburg area as well as their experience in similar criminal cases in order to build the strongest defense possible.

Types of Offenses

A misdemeanor is classified as any offense that has a penalty of a year or less confinement. A felony, on the other hand, is any crime that is punishable by more than a year of imprisonment. There are, however, elements of felony offenses that are not required for a person to be convicted of misdemeanors and vice versa.

Overall, felonies are treated more seriously and are prosecuted more vigorously than misdemeanors in Fredericksburg. Even non-violent felonies are taken very seriously and prosecuted with more fervor than misdemeanors.

With that said, there is still up to a 12-month jail sentence that can be imposed on some misdemeanors as well as $25,000 fine making it important a Fredericksburg criminal attorney is contacted no matter which type of offense an individual is facing.

Local ordinances can also play a role in criminal cases because it may give officers and state officials probable cause or reasonable suspicion to stop a person or vehicle, search a person or a vehicle, and make an arrest.

Discover the Benefits of a Fredericksburg Criminal Attorney

Requesting a criminal lawyer in Fredericksburg does not imply guilt. Rather, people are encouraged in the legal community to speak to an attorney when they have been arrested or fined for any criminal offense.

If a person is facing criminal charges in Fredericksburg, it is important that they take all of the charges seriously and that they hire an attorney as early as possible to be in the best position when charged with a criminal offense. An attorney will be helpful at any stage in the process; however, the sooner that they are involved, the more effective they can be in a person’s case because it gives them more time to prepare a defense to protect their rights and interests.

An experienced Fredericksburg criminal attorney knows the law, the area, and the best possible way to protect a person’s life and their interests. For this reason, they can apply their knowledge and experience to a case in order to try to minimize, or eliminate, the penalties resulting from a person’s charges.