Colonial Heights DUI Arraignments

Colonial Heights DUI arraignments are an individual’s initial appearance in either circuit or general district court. At the arraignment, the judge will let them know what they are charged with and whether the charge is jail-able or not. If jail-able, the judge lets them know that they have a right to an attorney and gives them an opportunity to see if they qualify for court-appointed counsel. If it is not jail-able, the judge would ask them if they want to just retain counsel and then would let them do that or hold them on no bond, depending on the situation.

If you were accused with a DUI, you should take advantage of your right to an attorney. Prosecutors have a tremendous advantage against individuals appearing in court alone. By allowing a qualified DUI attorney to handle your defense strategy, you could have a better chance at a positive result.

What Happens Between a DUI Arrest and Arraignment?

If the individual is held without bond, they are going to sit in jail as they await their arraignment. Normally, it is only a couple of days if the charge turns out without bond. If the person is held with bond, they would return to the community as they are awaiting their arraignment. In either case, there is an administrative suspension in which the individual’s license will be suspended for some amount of time, depending on the number of DUIs they have.

Arraignment Procedures

During Colonial Heights DUI arraignments, the individual is told what their maximum and minimum penalties are. The individual is given the right to retain an attorney, and their license is suspended for seven days. Depending on which judge is sitting, they might place the individual on pretrial supervision, meaning that the individual must report to a pretrial probation officer and discuss with the probation officer whether or not they have a drinking problem. The accused person also may be placed on the SCRAM bracelet, which means that their alcohol intake will be monitored by the court.

Role of an Attorney

The role of an attorney during an arraignment depends on the situation. If somebody is held with bond, they are out and the role of the attorney is to make sure that the individual is set appropriately and makes any pretrial motions that may exist. There is not a guarantee that any would exist, but if there are any the attorney is going to address those matters. If the individual is held without bond, it is the attorney’s job at the arraignment to see if they could get them a bond so that they do not have to sit in jail while they await their court date.

How Judges Determine Bail

How high Colonial Heights judges tend to set bail during the arraignment of a DUI case depend on the accused’s record, their criminal history, and the nature of the charge. If it is DUID, meaning DUI drugs, did the charges result from an accident or was the person stopped and pulled over for whatever reason? Do they have a history of DUI? Do they have a history of felonies? Do they have a history of failing to appear in court? The more problematic their record and the more problematic their facts, the higher the bail is set. In certain circumstances, they may not get a bond. It is relative to each individual case.

Speak with an Experienced Colonial Heights Defense Attorney

If you were accused of a DUI, you should reach out to a qualified attorney as soon as possible. As described in Colonial Heights DUI arraignments, you have the right to retain counsel to help fight your charges. Taking advantage of your right to an attorney could be the best way to fight against a DUI conviction and a criminal record.