Amelia County Criminal Lawyer

Local ordinances in Amelia can play a role in criminal cases like giving officers probable cause to stop, search, and arrest. Some of these ordinances which can lead to an investigation, including violating the local noise ordinances, parking, and even firework ordinances all of which can lead to police interaction, furthering a person’s chances of being arrested for an offense. An experienced criminal defense attorney, however, knows the law, the area, and the best possible way to protect your life, your interest, and your freedom. Therefore if you have been arrested or are under investigation in Amelia, contact an Amelia criminal lawyer today.

Types of Offenses

There are two types of offenses an individual may face in Amelia County: felony offenses and misdemeanors. A criminal misdemeanor charge is any offense with a penalty of less than a year in jail while a criminal felony conviction is any crime punishable by a year or more in jail. With that said, felony offenses can involve some elements or aspects not present in a misdemeanor charge; it all depends on what the nature of the charge is. In addition, some felony offenses can involve all of the aspects of misdemeanors with aggravating factors.

A conviction for either can affect security clearances, background checks, and driving permits. A conviction can also affect your ability to testify in future court proceedings. Criminal convictions do appear on background checks, regardless of whether they are a misdemeanor or felony conviction. Depending on the charge and the nature of the offense, a person’s level of security clearance, as well as their employment, can be negatively affected making it important a criminal attorney in Amelia County is contacted.

Practice Areas include:

Learn the Importance of an Amelia County Criminal Attorney

The earlier that you contact an attorney, the more time you have to aid in protecting your life and interest. An Amelia County criminal lawyer will be helpful at any stage of the process. It is important to contact an attorney early on in your case, even if you just believe you are being investigated for something because the sooner they are involved, the more effective they can be in building a defense for your case as well as protecting your rights and offering guidance through the process.

Requesting to speak to a lawyer does not imply guilt, in fact, it is protected by the Sixth Amendment to have counsel representing you, this right begins before an arrest is even made to ensure that you have all of your constitutional rights provided. It is encouraged in the legal community to actually speak with an attorney when you have been arrested or cited for any criminal offense.

It is important for the defendant to take all charges seriously. A criminal conviction can have long-lasting consequences, not the least of which is jail time and a criminal record that lasts forever. It is important to hire or retain an Amelia criminal lawyer as early as possible to put yourself in the best position when you are facing criminal charges in Amelia.