Dinwiddie Criminal Lawyer

A person should also understand that, when mishandled, even the most minor of infractions can have great implications. Therefore, it is imperative that a person takes all charges seriously and exercises the utmost care when facing a criminal charge. They should consult with a Dinwiddie criminal lawyer as soon as possible and should not do anything without discussing it with their lawyer.

Dinwiddie practice areas that a defense attorney can help with include:

Misdemeanors v. Felonies

Generally speaking, a misdemeanor is considered a lower level offense while a felony is considered to be more serious in nature. Misdemeanors are classified from Class 1 to Class 4, with the most serious penalty being a 12-month jail sentence.  Felonies are classified from Class 1 to Class 6 where the maximum penalty is life in prison making it important that Dinwiddie criminal attorney is contacted.

Since felonies are higher level offenses, they normally involve additional elements than that of misdemeanors.

For this reason, felonies are treated more seriously and are prosecuted with more vigor than misdemeanors in Dinwiddie. While non-violent felonies are not treated quite as harshly as violent felonies, the Commonwealth is tough on felonies and, without good reason, will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

Local Laws or Ordinances

Local ordinances play a major role in criminal cases. First, ordinances are in fact laws, so violating an ordinance can lead to prosecution and jail time depending on the violation.  Furthermore, violating the County Code creates police interaction giving officers probable cause to stop, search, and arrest. For example, violating the loitering ordinance can lead to an arrest for the ordinance and, if during that arrest another illegal activity is detected, a Virginia criminal charge can be taken out as well.


A misdemeanor offense carries anywhere from six to 12 months in jail. Furthermore, the court can also fine a person up to $2,500. In Virginia, all conviction as an adult stays on their criminal record forever, meaning anytime a background check or security clearance is conducted, the conviction will be present and can ultimately preclude them from attaining certain jobs.  Lastly, depending on the type of conviction, they can lose their driving privileges, right to possess a firearm, and can be banned from certain locations within the county and the state.

Contacting a Dinwiddie Criminal Attorney

The earlier that a person contacts a Dinwiddie criminal lawyer, the more time the attorney has to aid in their defense. Officers and investigators are professionals who have an expertise in gathering information and evidence to secure an arrest and subsequent prosecution. Attempting to handle the situation alone is ill-advised and can lead to devastating consequences. Therefore, a criminal attorney in Dinwiddie is necessary at every step in the process to ensure that the defendant’s rights are not being violated, that they are knowledgeable and informed about the proper procedure, and that they have the opportunity of a successful outcome at the end of their case.

Requesting to speak to a lawyer does not imply guilt and is a right afforded to people by the Constitution. A person should never be afraid to ask for a lawyer and should not attempt to fight the criminal justice system alone.

The criminal justice system is complicated and difficult to navigate for a person unfamiliar with the nuances of the law. However, a Dinwiddie criminal attorney can have the experience in and the knowledge of the judicial system and the law. They can successfully guide a person through the process while protecting their interests, criminal record, and, most importantly, their liberty and freedom.