DUI Arrest Records in Colonial Heights

All the DUI arrest records in Colonial Heights are public records and available to anyone unless there is a juvenile involved. Even if a case is dismissed, the arrest records will not automatically go away.

If you were arrested for a DUI, get in touch with an experienced DUI lawyer as soon as possible. A knowledgeable attorney could talk with you about your situation and explain the options for dealing with your arrest or conviction records.

Storing and Publishing Arrest Records

DUI arrest records in Colonial Heights are normally stored at the General District Court Building and with the Virginia State Police. Usually, they are not going to be published. However, the online Virginia Case Information System has information about pending and past court dates. It is not a password-protected system, so anyone can access it if they know the name of the person, the court date, or the nature of the charge. This is not an official system, so sometimes there will be mistakes, but anyone can easily find out what somebody is charged with.

Public Availability of Mug Shots

Mug shots are public record, but the only time they will be seen is in the ‘Gotcha Paper.’ If the publisher so chooses, they can put someone’s face and name in this paper, which is available throughout Colonial Heights. This publication is not for criminal purposes, but it is highly publicized because it is gossip and entertainment.

Consequences of an Arrest Record

There are no legal consequences for having a public arrest record. Under the law, until a person has been convicted, an arrest is just an allegation. If someone is convicted, however, the nature and consequences of the charge are going to be more serious than the arrest itself.

There could still be consequences to an arrest, but they are different for each individual depending on their life circumstances. For example, if an attorney gets arrested for a DUI, that could have a dire effect on their employment and future.

Most employers have regulations and policies about what someone has to do if they are arrested. Many people will have to report the arrest to their supervisor within a certain number of days or else they could be fired.

How to Handle a DUI Arrest Record

How to deal with DUI arrest records in Colonial Heights depends on what ultimately happens with the case. If someone is convicted, they will wear the arrest record for the rest of their life. If a person is acquitted of a DUI charge, however, there could be options for wiping the record clean.

By default, an arrest record will remain public after an acquittal unless someone takes specific action. An attorney could file certain motions to expunge a record and wipe it clean from the public sphere. If a record is expunged, that means that it no longer exists. The fact that the arrest occurred is wiped clean and is no longer in the public or private sphere. It cannot be found or detected.

Discuss a Case With a Dedicated Colonial Heights Attorney

If you were arrested and charged with a DUI, you may be worried about the ramifications of your arrest record. Even if you were acquitted or your case was dismissed, you may be embarrassed to learn your arrest is still available online. Thankfully, an attorney has options that could help you deal with your DUI arrest records in Colonial Heights. Contact a dedicated DUI lawyer to discuss your legal needs.