Colonial Heights Substance Abuse Evaluations

Facing alcohol and drug offenses of any degree could be scary, but with the help of an experienced attorney, you could better understand your options. Depending on your case, you may be asked to undergo a substance abuse evaluation. Colonial Heights substance abuse evaluations could help determine whether the individual has a drug or alcohol addiction. For more information, reach out to a dedicated DUI lawyer.

Who Administers Substance Abuse Evaluations in Colonial Heights?

In Colonial Heights, substance abuse evaluations are administered by the court system through the Community Corrections Board under the Community Corrections Program. The accused could be ordered to meet with them and have the assessment done to determine whether they have a drug or alcohol problem and could benefit from treatment. Furthermore, the Virginia Alcohol Safety Program also works with people convicted of DUIs. The driver will likely be required to meet with it and complete all of its programs and recommendations before their case discharges.

Deciding Whether Someone Undergoes Evaluation

Either a lawyer or the state may decide to have someone undergo evaluation. It depends on each of their respective interests regarding a substance abuse evaluation in Colonial Heights. Additionally, a defense counsel could request an evaluation for the defendant.

The intended purpose of the substance abuse evaluation is to determine whether the accused has a problem and if so, to get them the necessary help so they could be functioning members of society and lead to some leniency from the judge.

If a substance abuse evaluation indicates a pattern of abuse, a person’s lawyer may have to come up with a plan or cause of action to get the individual in some necessary treatment.

An evaluation that indicates no tendency for substance abuse would mean the Commonwealth could be more pressed to see that the defendant gets needed assistance rather than being charged with a crime.

Substance Abuse Evaluation Process

A substance abuse evaluation in Colonial Heights is a two-part affair. First, there is an assessment where a person speaks with a clinician. After that, there is a recommendation by the clinician based on the assessment. Then, it is up to the individual to make sure they do everything in their power to comply with those recommendations.

Benefits of Undergoing Substance Abuse Evaluations

The biggest benefit of undergoing a substance abuse evaluation is learning that the individual has a problem and are now able to fix it. They could now make changes to their life that would benefit them and help them gain control over their problem. Also, the courts are typically receptive to people taking the initiative and may recognize the effort accordingly.

Contact an Attorney About Substance Abuse Evaluations in Colonial Heights

If you find yourself facing alcohol-related charges in the state of Virginia, you may wish to enlist the services of an experienced attorney who could inform you about Colonial Heights substance abuse evaluations. Call today to set up a consultation with a dedicated and seasoned DUI lawyer.