Henrico County DUI Lawyer

The Commonwealth of Virginia has some of the strictest DUI laws in the country. If you have been arrested on suspicion of driving drunk or under the influence of drugs, a number of very real, long-lasting penalties are on the line. A Henrico County DUI attorney can help.

An adept criminal defense attorney will review every step of your arrest, including the police stop and the tests conducted at the scene. Protecting your constitutional rights is of utmost importance. There are many valid reasons to question tactics used in a DUI arrest.

Do not leave your future to chance. Call a Henrico County DUI lawyer as soon as possible to begin building your defense. A confidential consultation can help clarify your options and legal rights.

Consequences of a DUI or DWI

In Virginia, those arrested for DUI automatically lose their license. Administrative License Suspension occurs when a person has a BAC (blood alcohol content) of .08 percent or higher. When driver suspected of DUI refuse to take a breathalyzer test at the scene, the police officer can confiscate their license.

For first-time offenders, the suspension lasts just one week. For second time offenders, the suspension will last 60 days or until their court date, whichever comes first.

Of course, license suspension is just the beginning of the consequences for those convicted of DUI in Virginia. Even first-time offenders can face jail time, fines, driving school or a suspended license for up to a year. In most cases for first time DUI offenders, judges will grant restricted licenses.

Those convicted of a DWI or DUI face a number of other consequences. Problems finding a job, limits on travel, and increased insurance rates are all common among those convicted. A Henrico County DUI lawyer will ensure everything possible is done to prevent a conviction.

DUI Defense Strategies

Virginia’s DUI statute includes five different offenses. All five require the defendant to be driving at the time that they:

  • Have a BAC of .08 percent or higher. For those under the age of 21, the number drops from .08 to .02
  • Are under the influence of alcohol
  • Under the influence of drugs that impair their ability to drive
  • Under a combination of drugs and alcohol that impair their ability to drive
  • Have a blood concentration with cocaine or methamphetamine present

The prosecutor will be required to prove that one or more of these things are true in order to convict a person of a DUI. Most frequently, that means having the suspected drunk driver take a blood or breathalyzer test.

Breathalyzer tests are taken at the scene and the results are available immediately. Blood tests, on the other hand, are conducted and sent off to the Department of Forensic Sciences for testing. It can take weeks or even months for the results to come in.

Hiring an Experienced Henrico County DUI Attorney

If you or someone you loved has been arrested on suspicion of DUI, call a Henrico County DUI lawyer as soon as possible. The consequences of a DUI conviction are too serious to leave to chance. Instead, hire an experienced and aggressive attorney who will fight for your rights and ensure the best possible outcome. Call today to set up a confidential consultation.