DUI Car Seizures in Colonial Heights

One of the most concerning parts of a DUI arrest is the fate of the vehicle. Many people worry about where their car went, when they can retrieve it, and how to go about the process. Thankfully, experienced criminal defense attorneys know all the details of DUI car seizures in Colonial Heights. An attorney could address your concerns and assist you with the process of retrieving your vehicle.

What Happens to the Vehicle After a DUI?

Depending on the number of DUIs and the situation, the car can sometimes be impounded. That will depend on the specific facts in each DUI case. With that being said, on a DUI first offense for a person who has never been in trouble before, their car is going to be towed. The officer will usually give the person an opportunity to have somebody who is not impaired come and drive the car home.

If nobody can pick up the vehicle, or the officer does not feel like dealing with that, then the car would generally be towed to a lot and the person can pick the car up soon after.

Vehicle Seizures for Felony DUIs

For the third offense within five years, someone has entered into the realm of felony DUI. For these charges, DUI car seizures in Colonial Heights could occur. What that means is any vehicle registered to the person can be taken from them, and they will not get that vehicle back. When someone starts racking up these DUIs, it is important to know that Virginia can remove their property rights on vehicles.

Role of a DUI Attorney

The DUI attorney plays whatever role someone wants them to play. If someone would like assistance in keeping their car or getting their car back, then their lawyer could do several things to help, including:

  • Call the police to ascertain the name of the tow company
  • Call the tow company to determine where the vehicle was taken
  • Make sure the vehicle can be retrieved
  • Call the impound and make sure the vehicle is there
  • Have the vehicle picked up as soon as possible because the longer it sets at the impound, the larger the charge

What to Expect at the Tow Lot

When the individual goes to pick up their car at the tow lot, it is usually a painless process. The person will show their photo ID, and the tow lot will run the person’s information to make sure they are who they say they are. After that, they will go through the paperwork necessary to make sure that the tow company is not liable for anything wrong with the vehicle. The individual will have an opportunity to view the vehicle to make sure it is their car and nothing was taken out of it. After the inspection, they will pay the fee and the vehicle will be returned to the person.

A DUI Attorney in Colonial Heights Could be a Valuable Ally

DUI car seizures in Colonial Heights are often one of the most troubling parts of the experience. Many people are attached to their vehicles, and watching them towed away can be devastating. If you have concerns about your vehicle or any other aspect of your DUI case, an experienced DUI attorney could help. Attorneys understand how much the resolution of your case means to you, and they could fight on your behalf.