Jail for a DUI in Colonial Heights

When someone is arrested for a DUI in Colonial Heights, they will be sent to Riverside Regional Jail. Jail is not an ideal place to be as it takes away the individual’s freedoms. This can be a difficult and scary process for anyone. After being taken back to jail for a DUI, the individual may be asked to submit a breath or blood test by law enforcement. For more information about jail for a DUI in Colonial Heights, reach out to an accomplished DUI attorney. A seasoned lawyer could answer your concerns and also fight for a defendant’s rights throughout the legal process.

What Can Someone Expect to Happen After They are Booked?

After someone is booked, they can expect to remain in a holding cell for several hours. Then they will be able to see the magistrate. The magistrate will determine if the person is going to be released on bond or if they are going to set a bond for them or not. If the bond gets set, then the individual can pay the bond or the bond is a recognizance bond and they can leave once they have sobered up. A recognizance bond means that the person does not have to put money down, however, they must promise in writing to appear in court.

Medical Resources Available at the Jail

Once someone is in jail for a DUI in Colonial Heights, they may be able to see a doctor or nurse if they need to. It is important to note that the jail is not a hospital. However, if it is an emergency, the individual may be able to go to the hospital. In DUI cases involving a car crash, the person may be able to go straight to the hospital if they have suffered serious injuries. After they have been treated, they may then be transferred to the jail to be processed.

Jail-Related Penalties for a DUI in Colonial Heights

Getting convicted of a DUI in Colonial Heights on a first offense is a Class 1 misdemeanor. This means that the defendant is looking up to 12 months in jail and a fine of up to $2,500. Also, the individual will have their driver’s license suspended. A second offense for a DUI carries the same penalties. If a person gets a third DUI within five to 10 years, they are facing a Class 6 felony which carries 12 months to five years in jail. The penalties for a DUI is severe, therefore, it is essential for defendants to reach out to a lawyer who is experienced helping people avoid being put in jail for a DUI in Colonial Heights.

Minimum and Maximum Sentences

A mandatory minimum sentence is when an individual is charged with a misdemeanor offense and they are facing a minimum jail time they must serve based on the offense. The judge has the power to suspend some or all of someone’s jail time, which means that the judge can decide to suspend the person’s sentence based off of certain things. A suspended sentence means that the judge finds a person guilty but will not put them in jail.

If a person is charged with a DUI and they have a high blood alcohol content level or other aggravating factors, then they may be forced to serve a certain amount of jail time. With that being said, another issue that comes with mandatory time is that when an individual is convicted of a misdemeanor offense they normally only have to serve half of that jail sentence. If the judge gives the person 12 months, the person is usually only going to have to serve six months. However, mandatory time must be served day-per-day, meaning that the person does not have the option to serve only half the time. Five years is the maximum amount of time a person could be held in jail for a DUI in Colonial Heights, depending on the number of offenses they have.