Colonial Heights DUI Classes

Colonial Heights DUI classes, also known as alcohol education courses, are designed to teach an individual the consequences that come with operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated or otherwise abusing alcohol. These classes could be offered by the court and different private companies, as well. Depending on the specific situation, a person and their DUI lawyer may discuss what would be a better option for them, either going through the court or through a private organization.

Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program

The major DUI alcohol education program offered in Colonial Heights is VASAP, the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program. This is a class offered through the state that anyone convicted of a DUI has to take. Given a person’s particular facts and circumstances, the court and the commonwealth may be willing to “work” with an individual who has received a criminal charge if it is clear, for one reason or another, that the criminal charge is based on of a deeper, underlying issue, namely substance abuse.

The type of educational materials uses in these DUI courses include, but are not limited to books, videos, speakers, and instructors to help the individuals understand the severity of their individual situations. Generally, the state standardizes and approves the materials. Everything has to be accredited by the state.

DUI School Without a Court Order

Someone could go to DUI school voluntarily without a court order, either public or private programs. In certain circumstances, it is very helpful for an individual to make that decision and take the initiative. There are no online options for Colonial Heights DUI courses. There are private vendors that offer certain things online, but the court does not acknowledge or recognize those online vendors.

Advantages of DUI Courses

Generally, there are two types of advantages that taking an alcohol education course offers someone who is charged with a DUI. There is the advantage that could be seen in the court procedure and there is the advantage that could be shown in the individual’s life. Taking the initiative to begin one of these programs prior to a court order shows the court and the Commonwealth an individual’s acknowledgment of a problem and willingness to fix it instead of putting others at risk. Taking that initiative and showing that they understand and want to fix the situation could go a long way in the court’s eyes. That would be the benefit that an individual receives from the court.

If somebody is found to have a substance abuse problem, acknowledging that problem and taking the steps necessary to fix it can be helpful. A lot of times when one is dealing with substance abuse, it is never over but something that they have to learn to live and work with. In the long term, it helps put them in a situation where they would not be facing future criminal charges for this type of behavior.

Discuss Alcohol Safety Classes with a Colonial Heights DUI Attorney

An individual should approach an alcohol education course with an open mind and a willingness to do the work with sincerity. If someone approaches those courses insincerely, they are going to find the coursework unsatisfying. They may be unsuccessful in completing the course and getting the help that they need.

If you have questions about Colonial Heights DUI classes, a knowledgeable attorney could be a valuable resource. They could help with every part of your DUI case, from finding an appropriate class to presenting the case in court. Call today to schedule a consultation.

Colonial Heights DUI Classes