Hanover Criminal Lawyer

If you have been charged with a criminal misdemeanor or felony, a Hanover criminal lawyer can help. There are very few life events that are as confusing, distressing, and potentially damaging as being charged with a crime. The defense attorneys at our firm are aware that you are probably worried about the potential impact that a criminal record can have on your future. That is why an attorney could dedicate themselves to providing a personalized defense plan for you, understanding that everyone has unique needs and circumstances. The sooner you take the first step and call a Hanover criminal lawyer, the quicker an experienced defense attorney will be able to assess your defense options.

Criminal Charges and Penalties

Criminal charges range from misdemeanors like drug possession or driving with a suspended license to serious felonies like homicide. By breaking down the details of your case, your lawyer can help you build a strong defense as you face charges such as the following:

Criminal Lawyer in Hanover Virginia Penalties for sex offender registry for sex crimes criminal charges vary based on the offense and may include fines, months or years in prison, loss of driver’s license for traffic offenses, and having your name added to the national When it comes to theft crimes, penalties are generally assessed based on the value of the goods or services in question, and if the charges relate to any sort of violent or sexual crime, penalties are normally determined based on the degree of the crime that is alleged to have taken place.

There are often, however, many shades of gray when determining what actually took place during a given incident, and it is the job of a Hanover criminal lawyer to point out those gray areas, sometimes calling into question criminal requisites like probable cause, consent, and motive.

In order to help defend your reputation and your freedom, your attorney will talk to any witnesses who saw the crime occur, examine the actions of law enforcement officers involved, determine if any of your rights were violated, and help you craft a robust defense based on the circumstances and laws surrounding your case.

Fighting the Charges

In the event that your goal is to avoid a trial, your lawyer can work to negotiate with prosecutors, explaining the situation and striving to get things resolved before the case is heard in a court of law. If a trial cannot be avoided, your lawyer will attempt to present a body of evidence that supports your innocence and contradicts the efforts to convict you. This evidence could come in the form of character witnesses, video, photo, and audio records of the incident in question, official documents, medical records, and many other items that your lawyer can help you to assemble.

Work with a Hanover Criminal Attorney

Whether you are facing a seemingly insignificant misdemeanor or a serious felony, having an experienced Hanover criminal lawyer to stand between you and criminal penalties can make a big difference. A skilled lawyer could help you determine what your next step should be in order to secure the most positive outcome under the circumstances. Contact a Hanover criminal lawyer and discuss your options today.