Universities and Colonial Heights DUI Charges

If a student is charged with driving under the influence, the impact of an arrest and potential for a mark on their arrest record may lead to professional and personal losses in the future—especially if they are underage. Because of this, any student facing DUI charges from their university in Colonial Heights may benefit from reaching out to a well-versed lawyer for help.

Navigating the ensuing case alone may prove difficult for both a parent and child if they are underprepared. By working with a seasoned attorney, you could understand your legal rights and option for moving forward.

What to Expect After a Student DUI Charge

From the beginning of a minor DUI arrest, parents should be aware that their child’s license to drive will be suspended. This means the parent will have to pick their up from jail. Furthermore, a child will likely have to take an alcohol safety class and a driver’s class through the Department of Motor Vehicles.

However, a parent should also expect that the court may punish the child some way or another beyond a suspended license or driving classes. No matter the circumstances, the ensuing legal case often involves many appearances in court. This is because the court often has the juvenile return to court multiple times to do reviews and to make sure that they are following up with probation.

How Can a DUI Impact a Student’s Life?

Whether a DUI charge can have an impact on a student’s status depends on the university in question, as well as if the student received the DUI while on campus. Generally, however, if an individual is charged with a misdemeanor offense that is not drug-related—and is not directly related to school—there is not much that the university may do unless they become aware of the offense.

Generally, colleges find out about a student’s DUI charge in two ways: it happens on campus and the campus police report it to the university, or the code of conduct requires notification after a charge. Generally, after the university is alerted, the school will wait until after the court to determine what it will do about the student. If the individual is convicted, for example, the university will often have a hearing to give the student an opportunity to defend themselves against their charges—or to own up to it.

Usually, if this a first offense, there are certain forms of probation during which the student is not allowed any additional refractions. If they did commit an additional act during this probation, they would be removed from the school. Often, there are other conditions placed on the student as well. However, these vary on a case-by-case basis and each school’s specific code of conduct will determine what penalties or ramifications will be triggered by an offense. Because of this, any student facing charges may benefit from the knowledge of a well-practiced lawyer.

A Lawyer Might Help in Handling Colonial Heights DUI Charges in Universities

If you or your child was charged with driving under the influence as a student, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to proceed. However, an experienced lawyer could help to clarify how Universities handle Colonial Heights DUI charges and discuss your legal options moving forward.

These cases are often complex, meaning the help of a legal professional familiar with the courts in Virginia may prove essential to the proceedings. To discuss your circumstances, call a skilled attorney today.