Robbery and Theft in Colonial Heights

Robbery and theft are both viewed by the Commonwealth as extremely serious offenses. Differentiating between robbery and theft in Colonial Heights can be difficult, but the biggest difference is that robbery is considered a violent offense and theft is not. Due to the use of threats, force, or intimidation, robbery is taken more seriously and is prosecuted more aggressively.

If you have been accused of either robbery, contact a Colonial Heights robbery attorney. An experienced lawyer could help minimize or drop the charges that have been brought against you.

Robbery Vs Theft

While differentiating between robbery and theft in Colonial Heights is not easy, it is important to know that theft has no elements of threat, force, or intimidation. If an individual runs up to someone and grabs their purse without threatening or hurting them, that is theft. If an individual runs up to someone and threatens or attacks them while taking their purse, that is robbery.

Are Robbery and Theft Felonies?

Both robbery and theft can qualify as felonies in Colonial Heights. If an individual is convicted of robbery, they can be sentenced to a year or more in jail. Once an individual is convicted of a robbery, it will go on their record. This could affect their ability to apply for a job, apply for housing, and integrate themselves into society. They will be considered a violent person under the law.

When to Contact a Criminal Lawyer

A person should contact a criminal lawyer immediately after they determine that they are considered a suspect in any kind of criminal case. When contacting a lawyer about robbery charges, an individual should know the following:

  • The jurisdiction in which they are being charged
  • Who is being charged
  • Where the allegation of the crime took place
  • What the alleged facts are in respect to the accused
  • Determine if it is a situation of false ID

This information could enable an experienced criminal lawyer to build a defense.

Reducing Charges

While both robbery and theft in Colonial Heights are serious offenses, robbery charges are generally a lot worse. Colonial Heights criminal attorneys have experience in negotiating robbery charges down to theft charges. However, their ability to do so depends on the circumstances of the case, the nature of the charge, the Commonwealth’s witnesses, and the age and record of the alleged perpetrator.

Plea Deals

A plea deal is an agreement between the prosecutor and a defendant. Plea deals often involve the defendant pleading guilty to a lesser charge, or pleading guilty in exchange for a lenient sentence. Attorneys will generally encourage an individual to take a plea deal when it looks like all the evidence is pointing against them, and it does not look like they will be able to win the case.

Contact a Colonial Heights Robbery Attorney Today

If you have questions about robbery and theft in Colonial Heights or have been accused of either of these offenses, contact a criminal lawyer immediately. A distinguished Colonial Heights lawyer could help strategize a defense that minimizes your charges.