Colonial Heights Robbery Plea Deals

Being charged with robbery is a serious offense. A person faces the possibility of a felony conviction and all of the consequences that come with being convicted of a felony offense. The severity of the consequences that a person could face is often dependent on Colonial Heights robbery plea deals. Following an arrest and the arraignment stage, an individual will not be able to enter into any kind of a plea until they get to the actual trial if it even gets that far. A qualified robbery attorney could help an individual decide whether a plea deal is right for them. Those who face robbery charges should consult a skilled robbery attorney that could advocate for them.

Different Plea Options

There are a variety of different plea options if someone is considering Colonial Heights robbery plea deals. A person could plead guilty, not guilty, and no contest to a robbery offense. A guilty plea is merely to say that they did it. A not guilty plea is equally as simple, saying that they did not do the offense that they are alleging that they committed. A no contest plea means that they are not going to stand before the tribunal and say that they did, in fact, commit an offense but if they had a trial, it is believed that the judge and/or jury would find them guilty. When an individual is trying to decide whether or not to take a plea bargain, what they should do first is meet with an attorney who can advise them of all the evidence the Commonwealth has against them and discuss all the different plea options in determining what is going to be best for them.

Considerations Before Pleading Guilty

The most important thing for an individual to consider when determining if they are going to plead guilty is whether they are, in fact, guilty. Feeling under pressure to plead guilty to something that they are not guilty of is a bad idea for anyone. In fact, even in the plea colloquy, the judge will ask the defendant if they are pleading guilty because they are in fact guilty. That is something that every accused individual has to answer.

Importance of a Colonial Heights Robbery Attorney

It is important for an individual who has been charged with a crime to have counsel present for everything, especially when determining how they are going to plea. There are a lot of different things that come into play when an individual is deciding how to plea to criminal charges. A plea determines what is going to happen with their case. Colonial Heights robbery plea deals can determine whether a person is going to have a bench or jury trial, what the consequences will be, or whether there will even be a trial at all.

It is not a decision that should be taken lightly, so they should be thoroughly counseled by their attorney as to all the pros and cons and the consequences that could come with either a guilty or not-guilty plea from jail time to probation, to loss of rights, et cetera. It is highly irresponsible to take a plea, whatever the plea may be, without first addressing all the possible scenarios with an attorney. If an individual has been charged with a robbery offense, they should speak with a capable attorney that could pursue a positive outcome for them.