Common Colonial Heights Robbery Charges

There are various ways in you could be arrested for a robbery offense. Common examples include store robberies and carjacking. A robbery conviction could result in hefty penalties which may include probation and even a prison sentence. If you are currently being investigated by law enforcement for this offense, it is highly recommended to get in contact with a practiced defense attorney. A lawyer with experience facing these charges could help you build a defense and provide you with professional insight into common Colonial Heights robbery charges.

Common Ways Robbery Offenses are Charged in Colonial Heights

Common Colonial Heights robbery charges could normally be:

  • A standard street robbery (a person robbed somebody on the street for whatever reason)
  • A store robbery (robbing somebody in a store by the use of threat, force or intimidation)
  • A carjacking (which is a separate offense) is a robbery of somebody’s vehicle
  • A robbery which developed from a fight (two people involved with some kind of altercation and ultimately somebody’s property get smashed or snagged during the altercation)

Circumstances Causing an Indictment Before an Arrest

A person could be indicted for common Colonial Heights robbery charges before they are actually arrested when the investigation is long-going. If police believe the person is shooting or gunning for people, then they could indict them and arrest them on a warrant. Law enforcement could then indict them while they are being held in a warrant.

The major impact as to whether someone is indicted first or arrest first is going to be the use of a firearm, use of extra violence, or is someone was actually injured in the robbery. The criminal history of the individual charged could also cause an impact. For example, if they are multiple offenders and or on police radar, they could be indicted before being arrested.

Important Steps to Take When Charged with Robbery

When someone is charged with a crime, they should contact an attorney immediately. The individual should not talk to the police without their attorney present. Whether the police are merely calling for a statement or actually arresting them, they should not make any kind of statement to the police without an attorney present.

When and Where can a Robbery Record be Accessed by the Public?

A person’s criminal history can be accessed as public record. A person’s criminal record may be accessed by any background checks and, while their case is pending, it can be found in an online case system. A person researching records only needs to know the individual’s name and jurisdiction their case could be in to find their information.

Importance of Retaining a Colonial Heights Robbery Attorney

When facing common Colonial Heights robbery charges, the assistance of a proficient defense attorney may be necessary. An attorney can work on your behalf to see that you are cleared of all charges, as well as advise you on how to handle court proceedings. A robbery lawyer could also negotiate plea deals that may work in your favor. Do not hesitate to contact a valuable attorney today.