Colonial Heights Robbery Lawyer

Robbery is a crime against a person and against property. Defined as theft coupled with violence, robbery carries serious legal repercussions. If you are facing a robbery charge in Colonial Heights or around Richmond, Virginia, contact an experienced Colonial Heights robbery lawyer to make certain your rights are protected throughout the entire process of a criminal proceeding.

How a Colonial Heights Robbery Lawyer Can Assist You

In Virginia, not only are the laws regarding robbery strict, prosecutors pursue robbery cases very aggressively because of the threat of harm element against the property owner associated with a robbery offense. Due to the seriousness of a robbery accusation, hiring a highly skilled robbery attorney from Colonial Heights can help you achieve a better outcome in your case.

Ensuring that a robbery case is handled with extreme care and caution is crucial. A seasoned Colonial Heights robbery lawyer can help the accused grasp exactly what he or she is up against, while also building a strong defense and creating strategies to minimize the potentially adverse results of the case. Our legal team will analyze the facts of your robbery charges in order to aggressively defend you and help you understand all your legal options when charged with this offense.

Virginia Robbery Laws

In Virginia, an individual may be found guilty of robbery if he or she:

  • Takes property from its rightful owner;
  • Acts without the owner’s permission;
  • Intends to steal the property; and,
  • Uses force or intimidation of force against the owner of the property.

Robbery is a felony under Virginia Code section 18.2-58 and is separated into a first-degree and a second-degree charge; the charge an individual accused with robbery faces depends on a variety of factors including the facts of the case and the prosecution’s evidence. Consult a knowledgeable robbery lawyer in Colonial Heights for any additional questions you may have about Virginia’s robbery laws.

First-Degree Robbery

Aggravated Robbery or robbery in the first degree is defined as committing theft with the use of violence or the threat of deadly force with the presence of a weapon, such as a firearm. A first-degree robbery offense, on the other hand, can result in up to life in prison and no less than 10 years in prison.

Second-Degree Robbery

A second-degree robbery offense is defined as putting the alleged victim in fear of bodily harm or temporarily disabling the victim through the use of any means, such as disablement through the use of drugs. No weapon is used in the commission of a second-degree robbery. A second-degree offense can result in a jail sentence between five and eighteen (18) years in prison.

A conviction of any form of robbery offense can result in a mandatory minimum sentence of three years with no chance of probation or parole. Virginia also follows what is known as the three strikes rule, which states that anyone convicted of at least two violent crimes, including robbery, would face life in prison if convicted of a third violent crime.

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Although being charged with a robbery offense is a serious accusation, working with a skilled Colonial Heights robbery lawyer could help determine the best course of action for your case. Call to schedule a consultation today.