Conspiracy to Commit Robbery in Colonial Heights

A conspiracy to commit robbery in Colonial Heights is the attempt to rob somebody using threats, force or intimidation. By merely discussing, planning and agreeing to commit a crime, an individual has completed the act of conspiracy. Conspiracy generally involves multiple actors.

If you have been accused of conspiring to commit a robbery, contact an attorney immediately. In Virginia, a person charged with attempted robbery is punished exactly the same as if they were charged with a completed robbery. The penalties do not decrease in severity. It is important to work with an adept robbery attorney who is determined to defend your freedom.

Being Charged with Attempt and Completed Offense

It is possible for an individual to be charged with both completed robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery in Colonial Heights. For example, if an individual is trying to rob five people and is only successful at robbing four, would be charged with an attempt to commit one robbery and four completed robberies.

General District Court vs Circuit Court

The way that the court system works is that there is a lower court which is the General District Court and the high court which is the Circuit Court. If a person is charged with a felony, then the General District Court does not have jurisdiction find them guilty or innocent in a felony offense; only the Circuit Court does.

The Virginia Code states that if a person is arrested on a warrant they have a right to a preliminary hearing. While the person is in the purview of the court, the Commonwealth will generally try to build a case against them. Then, instead of giving them a preliminary hearing, they will indict them on the felony offenses.

How Do Prosecutors Try to Win Cases?

If an individual is charged with conspiracy to commit robbery in Colonial Heights; they should expect prosecutors to approach the case aggressively. Prosecutors often try to get people accused of conspiracy to point fingers at their comrades. It is not uncommon for them to tell defendants that if they disclose who else was involved in a robbery, they could get a plea deal.

Penalties for Conspiracy Robberies

Any person who conspires to commit a non-capital offense is going to be charged with a Class Five Felony. Class Five Felonies carry a maximum penalty of 10 years in jail and a fine of $2,500.

Contacting a Colonial Heights Robbery Attorney

If you have been accused of a conspiracy to commit robbery in Colonial Heights, it is important that you contact a criminal lawyer immediately. The penalties for such offenses can be very severe in nature. Between having to spend years in jail, to having to pay fines; an individual can find themselves in a position where their entire future is jeopardy. Criminal records can often prevent people from obtaining jobs, finding housing, and getting an education. If you have been accused, a Colonial Heights robbery lawyer could examine the charges that have been brought against you and determine navigate the case to your advantage.