Building a Colonial Heights Robbery Defense

When a person is charged with a robbery offense, they should immediately retain the services of an experienced local defense attorney to begin preparing a defense immediately. Being involved in a robbery case can be taxing and complicated.

While building a Colonial Heights robbery defense is not easy, a well-trained robbery lawyer may know what to do. They will analyze all the facts of your case, try to determine why the Commonwealth believes that you were in some way involved in a robbery offense, and look for ways to have the charges against you dropped.

Common Defenses in Colonial Heights Robbery Cases

Building a Colonial Heights robbery defense would require the following:

  • Challenging the identity of the robber
  • Challenging the facts of the case
  • Proving the robbery was self-defense
  • Proving it was a case of larceny

In addition, if a lawyer could prove that an incident was not robbery because it involved intimidation, force or violence.

Evidence Used to Defend Colonial Heights Robbery Cases

Robbery cases generally involve two pieces of evidence. The alleged victim’s testimony and the alleged perpetrator’s testimony. However, lawyers building Colonial Heights robbery defenses also benefit from obtaining witness statements, audio and video footage, and any other form of evidence.

Police Evidence

Lawyers would also want to be able to obtain any surveillance or audio that demonstrate how the police questioned and arrested a defendant. If the defendant was never found with the stolen items, the police may have detained the wrong person. In such instances, any evidence brought against the defendant by the police could be invaluable.

The Role of a Criminal Lawyer

Colonial Heights criminal lawyers are familiar with Commonwealth attorneys. They are familiar with how the prosecution works, thinks, and tends to approach cases. Such knowledge enables them to build an effective and strong defense strategy.

Such knowledge also enables them to be realistic about their chances of winning a case and can help them determine whether an individual should take a plea or go to trial.

How Criminal Lawyers Can Leverage Their Experience

For criminal lawyers, building a Colonial Heights robbery defense often involved leveraging experience. A defense attorney can leverage their experience by showing that:

  • They are not afraid to try a case
  • They have had positive experiences in similar cases which lead to dismissal
  • They are known to fight a case hard
  • They are known to make the Commonwealth’s life a bit difficult
  • They are known to win tough cases

It is not uncommon for such factors to lead to a favorable plea, or a charge being dropped.

Contacting a Colonial Heights Criminal Attorney

If you have been accused of robbery in colonial heights, contact a criminal attorney immediately. Robberies in Colonial Heights are pursued passionately by prosecuting lawyers. It is important to have someone on your side to support you.

An experienced legal aid could be dedicated to building a Colonial Heights robbery defense that cannot be contested. You deserve the right to defend your freedom, contact a defense lawyer today.