Colonial Heights Robbery Case Arraignments

An arraignment is an administrative hearing date. At an arraignment, the judge tells an accused person what they are being charged with and will let them know what the maximum and minimum penalties are of that charge. If you have been accused of robbery, contact a skilled robbery lawyer immediately. Colonial Heights robbery case arraignments are easier to navigate with an experienced attorney by your side.

Bonds in Robbery Cases

If an individual is held in jail at the time of their arraignment, they will want to address paying a bond. However, judges generally do not allow an individual to address a bond on their own, especially in a robbery case. Judges typically wait until the accused has a lawyer who could address the bond for them.

A lawyer can address the court and present evidence that can assist an individual in obtaining a bond. While there is no guarantee that a lawyer will be able to obtain a bond, it is still better than not having the opportunity to address a bond at all.

What Is Flight Risk?

In Colonial Heights robbery case arraignments, flight risk refers to an induvial who is likely to flee, run away, or disappear, once they are out on bond. If a judge has suspicions that an individual is a flight risk, they will not grant them the opportunity to pay a bond.

Danger to the Public

An individual is considered a danger to the public when they threatened the peace and dignity of the Commonwealth or other states, or if a judge believes that they may break the law while out on bond. If an individual breaks the law while out on bond, a Colonial Heights judge will revoke their bond.

Robbery Arraignment vs Arraignments for Other Offenses

Colonial Heights robbery case arraignments typically take place the General District Court. Since robbery is a violent offense, it will be handled by a specially assigned prosecutor. In general, cases such as robberies, murders, certain burglaries, and other violent offenses are going to be handled by a specially assigned prosecutor. Specially assigned prosecutors are involved in a case from start to finish. Other cases are handles by anchors. An anchor is an attorney who is told to sit in a specific courtroom. They are generally not aware of the specifics of a case and pick up an arbitrary case in the morning.

Contacting a Colonial Heights Robbery Attorney

If you have been involved in a Colonial Heights robbery case, contact a criminal attorney immediately. Robbery is viewed as a serious offense by the Commonwealth and will be prosecuted as such. It is important that you have an experienced lawyer who could examine the charges that have been brought against you and work diligently to find weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. Work with attorneys well-versed in navigating Colonial Heights robbery case arraignments. They could help you get released on bond and run you through the court processes. It can feel overwhelming to have to deal with a robbery charge, however, you do not have to deal with it alone. Retain the services of an experienced legal advocate today.