Colonial Heights Robbery Arrests

Robbery is a much more serious offense than theft because it also involves the use or threat of violence. Therefore, if you are facing robbery charges, you may want to seek the services of a well-established robbery lawyer. A seasoned defense attorney will be knowledgeable about Colonial Heights robbery arrests and could fight in your defense following an arrest.

Robbery Arrest Procedure

Usually, there are two main types of Colonial Heights robbery arrests: quick arrests and arrests that are a little more drawn out. A quick robbery arrest pertains to situations that somehow turned into a robbery. For example, a fight between two parties that eventually became a robbery for one reason or another. In these types of situations, the police normally respond while the individuals are still on the scene. There may be multiple witnesses still around when the police arrive to give statements and then the arrest will be made relatively quickly. The individual arrested is usually taken into custody and held without bond.

The other type of robbery arrests involved a long investigation. This is usually going to be a planned out robbery where the offender(s) sat down and thought exactly how they were going to commit the robbery and when. They may not have planned it out smoothly, but there was some pre-determination as to the target or area and what they were going to do. This all comes into play when the police are looking at the facts of a robbery.

Surrendering to an Arrest

If the police are not able to make an immediate arrest, it is possible for the accused offender to surrender themselves to law enforcement. Whenever someone surrenders themselves, there is already an indictment or warrant out for their arrest. The steps leading up to these types of Colonial Heights robbery arrests are:

  • An incident occurs
  • Police conduct an investigation
  • Police determine who all were involved
  • Police try to contact the individuals to get a statement or have them come into the police station for questioning
  • Police issue a warrant or indictments and ask the accused offender to surrender

With this being said, most of the time when dealing with robbery offense, the police officers are going to go pick up the suspects and the individual(s) will not have the opportunity to turn themselves in. Generally, unlike some non-violent offenses, the police are not going to reach out and give the accused offender an opportunity to turn themselves in.

However, if someone does find out that the police are looking for them for a robbery offense and they choose to turn themselves in, the judges are more likely to grant them some form of a bond. There is no guarantee because there is a presumption against a bond with violent offenses.

How Long Does it Take to Make an Arrest After a Warrant Has Been Issued?

It usually takes about one or two days within the issuance of a warrant or indictment for an individual to find out the police have an actual warrant against them. If the warrant is issued on Monday, the police will probably try to pick the individual up by Tuesday. The police typically try to make an arrest very quickly after a warrant has been issued. Following an arrest, it is important that the accused individual reaches out to an experienced defense attorney as soon as possible.

Investigating a Robbery Offense

When the police make a decision to arrest someone for robbery, it is only after they have investigated the robbery and their investigation helped them determine who their suspects are. Once they have determined who their suspects are, they can make a decision to secure warrants or indictments against certain individuals and then arrest them for the alleged offense.

When the police have been called about a robbery, they go out immediately to investigate the situation. If the individual committed robbery but there is no allegation of a firearm, the police will still arrest them but will not be gung-ho about it. The nature of the offense is going to determine how the police are going to react when seeking Colonial Heights robbery arrests.