Amelia County Traffic Lawyer

Far too many people who are pulled over for traffic citations and violations downplay the potential impact on their life. Certain traffic crimes could affect your driving record, your insurance rates, or even lead to other consequences. For this reason, an Amelia County traffic lawyer could be an important component of your choice to argue against these charges and to pursue alternative options for resolving the case.

Far too many people accused of a traffic violation assume that there are such minimal consequences that you can either ignore the situation or just pay the fine and move on with your life. Even a reckless driving charge could have implications that follow you and your record for some time. Deciding that it is not worth even speaking to a knowledgeable defense attorney could lead to problems in the future.

Traffic Violations and Charges

Other common traffic violations and charges include illegal U-turns, DUIs, driving without a license, CDL violations, leaving the site of an accident, reckless driving, running a red light or stop sign, speeding, or unlawful vehicle modifications. Each of these charges has its own potential consequences on a conviction as outlined under Virginia Vehicle Code Title 46.2.

The motor vehicle code explains procedures, regulations, and violations of law related to traffic offenses. Some traffic offenses could be charged as a felony, like eluding the police or hit and run, whereas others could come with less severe penalties like traffic infractions with demerit points assigned.

Consequences for Traffic Violations

The number of points on a driver’s record and the citation in question will influence the possible penalties. There are three primary ways that an accused driver could face consequences with a traffic offense.

The first is through penalties imposed through the Virginia Courts like loss of driving privileges, court costs, and fines. Second, the DMV can impose their own penalties, like fees, demerit points, or loss of driving privileges. Third, an insurance carrier could use this information from a recent conviction or citation to increase the driver’s insurance rates, deductibles, or both.

Virginia traffic violations could also be reported to a database accessed by many other states. For that reason, traffic offenses within the state and speeding convictions could lead to denial or suspension for out-of-state drivers.

A traffic offense lawyer in Amelia County could look into options such as arguing for a reduction or dismissal of charges based on the individual circumstances of the case.

Learn How an Amelia County Traffic Attorney Can Help

An Amelia County traffic lawyer could get involved in the case early on to explore other alternatives, such as going to driving school, paying fines, and other steps that could help to keep this traffic citation off your record.

If you have previous traffic citations and violations already on your driving record in Virginia, an attorney could explore avenues for defense strategies in a traffic case.

While each case is unique, you could benefit from sitting down with a criminal defense attorney to talk through the potential stakes of a pending traffic charge. Paying the ticket – or worse, ignoring it – could put you in a difficult situation that could have been avoided by exploring your options earlier. Call now.