Amelia County Prostitution Lawyer

Prostitution is a lesser offense than most felony crimes, but it could be a mistake to assume that there are no serious consequences if you are convicted.

Anyone accused of committing the crime of prostitution could seek out an Amelia County prostitution lawyer to explore defense strategies and action steps.

Anyone accused of a crime in the state of Virginia and elsewhere around the United States has a constitutional right to request an attorney. A quality criminal defense attorney could be brought into a case early on to explore possible options for defending against the charges, including possible plea bargains or a potential dismissal of the case.

Laws on Prostitution Crimes

Prostitution and related crimes are strictly prohibited within Virginia. Prostitution is a sex crime that, upon conviction, could lead to big fines and criminal consequences. Any offer of prostitution, whether or not it is fulfilled, could be categorized as prostitution. It is a common misconception that the act must have been carried out to be charged as a crime.

When a person is accused of trading sexual favors or sexual contact for compensation. The compensation can go beyond money since anything worth value exchanged could meet the grounds for a prostitution charge.

The Code of Virginia 18.2-346 describes what qualifies as the crime and the possible consequences for someone convicted. As a Class 1 misdemeanor, a conviction could go as high as $2,500 with up to 12 months in jail. Anyone arrested for prostitution will have to undergo both hepatitis C and HIV testing.

A related but different charge is promoting prostitution, which refers to supervising, managing, or owning a house of prostitution or a prostitution company.

Pimping and pandering is the most serious crime under the umbrella of prostitution. This crime is classified as a felony and is the only non-violent form of prostitution crime with a minimum prison sentence of two years.

Responding to Prostitution Crime Charges

Any person who has been accused of prostitution should be prepared to respond immediately. The help of an Amelia County prostitution defense lawyer could assist with identifying a defense strategy based on how the events of the arrest unfolded.

Officers might suggest that a person accused of prostitution could help their own case by cooperating with the authorities. When this is done without the insight of an experienced criminal defense lawyer, however, the accused person could do more harm than good. An attorney’s guidance could help to flag potential situations in which it is better to remain silent.

Services Provided by an Amelia County Prostitution Attorney

An Amelia County prostitution lawyer will approach each case individually with the defendant’s best interests and needs in mind. A criminal defense attorney could evaluate the strength of the evidence gathered by the prosecution, speak with attorneys working for the prosecution to explore options for resolving the case without going to court and help to prepare the person accused of the crime for what to expect if the case proceeds to trial.

Being arrested for sex work could lead to a criminal record and other related penalties. The embarrassment of being accused could also follow you through your community, harming your reputation. Call now to schedule a consultation.