Amelia County Theft Lawyer

Due to the wide range of different consequences and punishments associated with the crime of theft, an Amelia County theft lawyer should be hired as soon as possible because such an attorney could help an accused person from having to pay fines, going to court, or dealing with the consequences of a conviction.

Only an experienced criminal attorney can evaluate the specifics of the case and provide a recommendation of the next action steps based on the specifics of the charges facing the accused person.

Types of Theft Charges

There are several different kinds of theft charges in Virginia. Some of the most common are classified as petit theft or grand theft. Virginia Code Annotated 18.2-98 defines larceny of bank checks or notes. Other kinds of criminal theft charges within the state include unauthorized use of a vehicle or aircraft, shoplifting, theft or destruction of public records, receiving stolen goods, robbery, and embezzlement. Each of these has its own definitions and potential penalties.

Classifying Theft Crimes

The most important factor determining how a crime is charged and the possible penalties is the value of the property involved. The state defines petit larceny as stealing services or items valued at less than $200. This is a class 1 misdemeanor under Va. Code Ann. 18.2-96 which could come with jail time of up to 12 months in addition to a fine of $2,500.

Grand larceny, however, could be charged when the value of the property or services stolen is over $200 or when the item taken was a firearm of any value. This crime could be pursued as a felony charge, which carries anywhere from one year of imprisonment with a maximum of 20 years. Discretion is afforded to judges and juries in Virginia in terms of determining whether or not a grand larceny charge should be filed as a misdemeanor or a felony. Va. Code. Ann. 18.2-95 is the official statute for grand larceny.

Potential Penalties for Repeat Theft Offenders

Anyone who has previous convictions for theft on their record could face more serious penalties at the time of a new charge. Anyone who has a prior felony or misdemeanor larceny offense could face a sentence of confinement in jail for at least 30 days and no more than 12 months regardless of the state in which the previous conviction occurred. Individuals facing penalties should contact a theft lawyer in Amelia County as soon as possible.

Work with an Amelia County Theft Attorney Today

An Amelia County theft lawyer should be a person who has strong experience and the background in representing those who have been accused of theft crimes in the area. The varying distinctions between the theft crimes and the possible impacts of a prior criminal record could all influence the opportunity to work towards a plea bargain or how the attorney will prepare for court.

It is your responsibility to contact a criminal defense attorney who can review your individual case and could work with you over the duration of your time in the criminal justice system. Keeping open lines of communication could help you to make the right choices based on your individual situation. An Amelia County theft lawyer could inform you regarding an honest assessment of your case and what you might face if you choose to fight it.

Amelia County Theft Lawyer