Amelia County Robbery Lawyer

Being charged with robbery is a frightening experience. While it may be overwhelming not knowing what to expect next, you do not have to deal with robbery charges alone.

When you hire an Amelia County robbery lawyer, you will have someone on your side who could answer questions and explain what to expect during every step of the legal process and represent you during all legal proceedings. An experienced criminal attorney could champion your case.

Virginia Laws Governing Robbery

The offense of robbery is classified as a crime against the person under Chapter 4 of Title 18.2 in Virginia’s legal code. Robbery is a type of theft involving the use of force or the threat of force to steal property from another person. Using or threatening to use force constitutes violence.

Since it is considered a violent offense, robbery is classified as a felony in the state of Virginia. Felony offenses are the most serious type of offenses and carry the most severe legal sanctions.

The use of force when committing robbery may involve a number of different actions, which could include the use of a firearm, deadly weapon, or any instrument that may be used to inflict harm. Virginia law states that committing any of the following violent acts against another person when stealing from that person elevates an offense from a nonviolent theft to the more serious offense of robbery (see § 18.2-58):

  • Striking a person
  • Beating a person
  • Assaulting a person
  • Suffocating a person
  • Partially strangling a person
  • Threatening to inflict harm on a person

Under Virginia law, carjacking is categorized as a specific type of robbery. It could involve assaulting the driver of a vehicle, threatening to assault that person while attempting to steal the vehicle, or any of the forms of violence listed above. An attorney in Amelia County could explain the laws pertaining to the alleged robbery in greater detail. This may include how the laws apply in specific situations.

Possible Legal Penalties for Robbery

Carjackings and all other types of robberies are felony offenses in Amelia County and throughout the state of Virginia. Felony offenses are the most serious type of criminal offenses. Consequently, convictions for felony offenses carry more severe legal sanctions than convictions for misdemeanors.

The potential legal penalties for felony convictions may range from a prison term of one-year minimum and a fine of $2,500 for a Class 6 felony to life in prison and a fine of $100,000 for a Class 1 felony.

A robbery conviction is punishable by serving a sentence in a state prison for a term of at least five years to life (see § 18.2-58). A conviction for carjacking is punishable by a state prison term of fifteen years minimum to life (see § 18.2-58.1).

How a Robbery Attorney could Help

There are several ways in which an attorney in Amelia County could assist individuals facing robbery charges. Examples of the legal services and assistance a lawyer could provide include:

  • Answering legal questions
  • Explaining the details of the charges
  • Explaining the penalties for a conviction
  • Providing legal representation
  • Preparing a defense strategy
  • Fighting for the best possible legal outcome

Consult with an Amelia County Robbery Attorney

Attempting to fight robbery charges on your own may not be necessary. Avoid trying to represent and defend yourself while navigating the legal system on your own by hiring an attorney to represent you.

A robbery attorney could fight on your behalf to help you obtain the best legal resolution possible. Contact an Amelia County robbery lawyer today.