Amelia County Fraud Lawyer

If you or another person in your family has recently been accused of fraud, these criminal charges must be taken seriously. Hiring an Amelia county fraud lawyer could help to give you a better perspective on what is at stake if convicted of fraud and how best to prepare for moving forward with a criminal defense strategy.

Fraud charges can be serious, and you might not know what to do next after being accused. If you are facing any kind of fraud charge, take the case seriously and be prepared to protect your rights with the help of a skilled criminal defense attorney.

Understanding Fraud

In general, the term fraud is used to describe the practice of deceiving another entity or individual for personal gain. Crimes in the state of Virginia related to fraud vary based on the individual alleged acts, which is why a defense lawyer should explain the specifics of any involved charges.

This can include everything from forging money to activating a fire alarm maliciously in a public building. Chapter 6 of Virginia Code 18.2-178 defines the various types of fraud.

There are dozens of different types of crimes classified under this definition. Anyone who has been accused of fraud might also be charged with multiple counts of fraud or related fraud which can make the management of these legal troubles far more complex.

Some of the most common charges related to fraud include:

  • Money laundering which is knowingly acting to convert property or cash into another form of asset.
  • Credit card theft by taking possession of another person’s credit card details with the intent to use it without the owner’s consent.
  • False statements to obtain credit or property, including paper and electronically signed documents.
  • Falsifying diplomas or transcripts for own professional and financial gain.

Multiple charges might apply at the same time, particularly if the accused party allegedly committed the fraud multiple times.

Potential Penalties for Fraud Charges

Due to the far-ranging spectrum of fraud charges, the penalties could be different based on the individual circumstances. A class 4 misdemeanor carrying a $250 fine might be one of the less severe outcomes of a fraud conviction, whereas more serious felony charges can carry fines as high as $100,000 and up to 20 years in prison.

Additional penalties can include being subjected to restitution, probation or other forms of punishment in addition to potential incarceration.

A criminal record could follow an accused party for years to come, making it important for that person to get legal help right away to understand what is on the line. Gaining employment or even housing opportunities in the future could be affected by a fraud conviction on the applicant’s background check and record.

Speak with an Amelia County Fraud Attorney Today

An Amelia county fraud lawyer is a person who should have extensive experience in managing criminal charges and being able to respond quickly when you are under investigation or have already been accused.

Choosing to retain a criminal defense attorney could be the first step in fighting back against these charges and ensuring that your rights are protected in the justice system. Call now to discuss further.