Amelia County Drug Lawyer

Drug crimes are serious in Virginia. Police departments devote Focus and Mission Teams to stopping the sale, manufacture, and possession of drugs. Consequently, an Amelia drug attorney is necessary to navigate, investigate, and defend the nuances and constitutional elements that are present in every drug case.

Drug charges are intimidating because they can lead to long prison sentences and expensive court fines. Further constitutional rights can be lost upon conviction, and there is a social stigma involved with being branded as a drug addict or dealer making it important that those accused consult with an experienced criminal lawyer.

Common Drug Crimes

Some of the most common drug crimes in Amelia are simple possession of marijuana, simple possession of Schedule I and Schedule II drugs, and possession with the intent to distribute marijuana.

Marijuana has become more accepted across the nation. It has been decriminalized in Washington, DC. Being so close to the territory where marijuana is not really a “big deal” leads to the mistaken belief about the substance. Often people believe that the consequences are nominal if arrested for charges related to it.

Furthermore, Schedule I and Schedule II substances such as heroin, cocaine, and crack cocaine are substances which pause the brain and lead to the same pain nullification that certain prescription drugs create.  Given that fact, people who are trying to get off of certain prescription drugs turn to illegal substances.

Drug Classifications

Drugs are classified in Virginia Code Section 54.1-3446 thru 54.1-3456. In general, the more serious drugs have lower Schedule classifications. For example, being in possession of Schedule I and Schedule II drugs, such as cocaine or heroin, is a felony offense; while possession of the Schedule VI drug will be considered a misdemeanor. Regardless, an Amelia drug lawyer should be consulted in order to mitigate the damage as much as possible.

Law Enforcement’s Approach

Law enforcement officers in Amelia are trying to crack down on possession, distribution, and manufacturing of all drugs. This includes codeine, methamphetamine, heroin, and/or prescription drugs that are possessed without a valid prescription. Furthermore, so long as marijuana is illegal in the Commonwealth, officers are constantly cracking down on its possession and distribution.

Amelia officers use their training and experience to find marijuana and to notice patterns of use that suggest drug activity. They use the information to get search warrants if they suspect it will lead to an arrest.

Police officers are taught to notice and recognize potential narcotic situations. They use their skills and experience to track these situations. They also use informants. Upon arrest, they encourage individuals to give information on other offenders in the area promising things such as leniency in court, and once the information is given, they will use that information to make bigger drug busts.

Constitutional Issues

The Fourth Amendment protects the citizens of United States from illegal searches and seizures. There has to be probable cause to search and seize individuals, and whether or not that exists is a constitutional issue that is involved in nearly every drug case. This limit provides individuals with the right to remain silent, which is also a constitutional issue that is present and prevalent in most drug cases.

Contacting an Amelia Drug Attorney

As soon as you find out that you are being investigated, you should contact and hire an attorney. If you are unaware of an investigation before your arrest, you should contact your Amelia drug attorney as soon as possible after the arrest. A drug defense attorney will assist you in pretrial matters, including bonds and filing motions that need to be filed. They will represent you during your trial and if necessary, for your sentencing. The sooner that an attorney is hired, the better they will be able to defend you.