Amelia County Solicitation Lawyer

Being accused of soliciting a prostitute is a serious crime and one that could carry criminal consequences as well as damage to the accused person’s reputation. An Amelia County solicitation lawyer could assist with developing a comprehensive defense strategy to help to protect the future and the freedom of the accused party.

No one should have to respond to criminal charges like this on your own. It can be confusing to determine next steps when more than one charge is assessed at the same time or when you have not had yet a chance to speak with a trusted criminal attorney. Consulting a lawyer could clarify the specific nature of the charges involved and the timeline for responding to them in the justice system.

Situations Leading to Criminal Charges of Solicitation

If a sting operation was used to arrest the person accused of prostitution, for example, a common defense strategy that could be referenced is police entrapment. Entrapment could be raised as a defense to a solicitation charge if the police officer encouraged the person to commit the crime.

Such sting operations could involve the use of a police officer undercover acting as a prostitute. A consultation with a criminal defense attorney could help to raise questions and concerns about how the arrest was conducted, which could be important in the overall defense strategy.

Soliciting a prostitute could come with a stigma that impacts your personal reputation in your community or at work. Hiring an Amelia County solicitation charges attorney could help you to respond to these charges appropriately and to explore defense options in a timely manner.

What Solicitation Means

Relevant laws under which solicitation can be charged are explained under the Code of Virginia 18.2-346.

The prosecution can pursue charges of solicitation against a person even when no direct sexual contact has occurred. In order for the authorities to get a guilty verdict in a solicitation case, three elements must be proven:

  • That there was an offer of value or money
  • That the exchange of value was for the purposes of engaging in a sexual act in which it must have been clear that the intent was for that act to be performed
  • There must have been some form of a substantial act in furtherance of that value or money exchange offer

When to Call a Lawyer

Police might attempt to get you to provide as much information as possible about the alleged event without an attorney present. However, this could be a big mistake. Anyone who has been accused of solicitation already could face criminal consequences in addition to other issues like marital discord or public shame and ridicule.

If this matter leads to a conviction, it could even develop into job termination. The case should be taken seriously regardless of how the charges occurred.

Secure a Defense with an Amelia County Solicitation Attorney

An Amelia County solicitation lawyer could assist you in determining what you need to say and keep silent about in the presence of the police or other authorities. Given the high stakes of a criminal conviction of solicitation, an attorney should be contacted as soon as possible after the police have arrested a person for this crime. Give us a call today.