New Kent Student Defense Lawyer

There is so much to experience academically and socially as a college student, whether you live on campus or commute from home. However, students can sometimes find themselves in disciplinary situations. If you find yourself facing allegations of violating a law from your college, university, or academic institution, a New Kent student defense lawyer could provide guidance on how to best to proceed.

Based on the particulars of the alleged offense, law enforcement could potentially become involved, and criminal charges could be filed. If you have already been charged with a criminal offense or there is a possibility that you could be charged, let a tenacious and skilled attorney represent you and help you fight the charges.

Academic and Criminal Offenses

There is a wide range of academic and criminal offenses for which students could find themselves facing disciplinary action from their academic institution or even criminal charges. In such cases, it can be in the best interest of a student to secure legal counsel from a New Kent student defense lawyer before proceeding. Examples of these offenses that could lead to a student facing academic or legal consequences include:

Furthermore, it is still possible for students to face disciplinary action from their school or academic institution when an alleged offense listed above occurs off-campus. This is especially true if a student has been arrested by local law enforcement, who will often notify campus police or officials when the offender is a student. In such cases, an experienced New Kent attorney could assist students with both the legal and academic penalties they may face.

Academic and Legal Consequences

Students facing disciplinary action for academic dishonesty or violations of their school’s honor code could potentially be suspended or expelled. In situations involving criminal offenses, students who are arrested and charged with a crime could face incarceration in jail or prison and a possible fine if tried and convicted. Based on the specific criminal offense, a student defense lawyer in New Kent could provide more details regarding the possible length of incarceration or fine amount associated with that offense under the law.

Burden of Proof

Guilt must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt in criminal cases. However, school disciplinary committees are not held to this same standard.

Colleges, universities, and other academic institutions have no legal requirement or obligation to prove a student’s guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Consequently, less proof is needed to find a student guilty of alleged wrongdoing—such as plagiarism, cheating, or underage drinking. This lesser burden of proof is one reason why it is imperative that students obtain the assistance of an attorney for student defense in New Kent.

A student defense attorney could help a student prepare for an upcoming school disciplinary hearing. One way an attorney could help a student prepare is by determining the best way to present one’s self before the school’s disciplinary committee. An attorney could also help a student work toward obtaining an outcome that is agreeable to both the student and the school.

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Being a student should be an exciting time in your life and facing allegations of wrongdoing from your school can be devastating. You do not have to deal with the situation on your own, though. A New Kent student defense lawyer could help you navigate your school’s disciplinary process.

A well-versed legal professional could also assist you if you happen to be facing criminal charges for something that allegedly occurred on or off of campus. For assistance with your situation, call an attorney today.