New Kent Theft Lawyer

In New Kent, Virginia, theft is when something is taken from an individual or business, or obtained by an act of fraud or misappropriation, and is taken against the interest of the possessor and is done so with the intent to permanently deprive.

Theft charges are serious matters that carry substantial jail time. Attempting to handle these matters without the assistance of a knowledgeable attorney can lead to dire consequences. When talking to a lawyer, a person should expect a consultation with a knowledgeable New Kent theft attorney who is able to listen to their circumstances, answer their questions, and help them prepare their case. Our New Kent defense attorneys pride themselves in working with cases across the Richmond metro areas, including New Kent.

Consequences of Theft Charges

Theft charges include, but are not limited to, any larceny, grand larceny, embezzlement, and obtaining money by false pretenses. There are numerous consequences involved in a theft charge.

A misdemeanor theft charge carries a possible 12-months jail sentence, a $2,500 fine, court cost, possible restitution, and any subsequent requirements that the court may impose. A felony theft charge can carry up to 20 years in jail, a $2,500 fine, court cost, possible restitution, and any subsequent requirement that the court may impose. The 20 years in jail and $2,500 fine is the harshest possible penalty for theft in New Kent.

Impact of Prior Convictions

Having prior criminal convictions for theft increases your chance of receiving a higher jail sentence if convicted. A conviction also makes your wordless credible to a judge or jury. A conviction can also impact your access to certain employment opportunities.

Probation or Reduced Sentencing

Where a conviction is likely, mitigation is key for achieving a reduced sentence or probation. An apologetic and contrite person is more likely to receive the court’s mercy. Furthermore, having the ability to make the victim whole also shines a favorable light on the accused in the eyes of the court.

Preparing a Theft Defense

In order to prove a theft charge, prosecutors must prove that something was taken, the taking was against the interest of the owner or possessor, and there was intent to permanently deprive at the time of the taking. The strategy that a New Kent theft lawyer will take to counter the prosecution will sometimes differ, because every case is different. A knowledgeable lawyer will challenge identity, the taking and the intent of the taker to permanently deprive. A thorough investigation is always the first step in building a defense. Determining who, what, when, where, and how of the theft allegation lays the groundwork for a proper defense.

Evidence Used

A New Kent theft lawyer wants to collect all possible evidence for the defense. This includes, but is not limited to, photos, videos, witness names, and statements. They want anything that points to their client’s innocence or anything that may point to a client’s guilt. Having all the evidence and all the information is the only way to thoroughly prepare.

Expert Witnesses

The circumstances surrounding each case determine what experts, if any, are necessary. In the case of mistaken identity, a fingerprint or facial recognition expert may be needed. In a fraud case, a hand writing analysis expert may be needed.

Benefit and Role of a New Kent Theft Lawyer

A criminal lawyer will act as their client’s voice and their shield. A criminal lawyer will protect their client’s interest in any case, but especially a theft charge. Anyone facing theft charges should consult with a theft lawyer in New Kent immediately since that lawyer will be to able investigate the case, challenge the charges, and fight to get their client the best outcome. A lawyer provides peace of mind for their client. The individual knows that there is someone on their side to fight for them and ease some of the stresses that the criminal justice system brings.

New Kent Theft Lawyer