New Kent Sex Crimes Attorney

Being labeled as a sex offender is intimidating because it has a disastrous impact on an individual’s life. It affects their job opportunities, housing, puts constraints on their freedom, and hurts their family. Every sex crime involves sensitive and private information that people do not typically want to be presented to the public. There is also a horrible stigma attached to anyone that is charged or convicted of a sex crime.

Being charged with a sexual offense is a sensitive topic with a lot of legal nuances and factual details that have to be shifted through. An experienced New Kent sex crimes attorney is necessary to navigate these nuances and details to find the relevant information that may impact an individual’s case.

Types of Sex Crimes

There are a variety of sex crimes in New Kent. Sex crimes are generally defined as a sexual act on a person that has not given or is not capable of giving consent. Common examples of sex crimes are rape, statutory rape, sexual battery, and aggravated sexual battery.

Rape carries a penalty of five years to life imprisonment. The punishment for statutory rape can be up to five years of incarceration. Sexual battery is a class one misdemeanor where the penalty could be up to 12 months incarceration. The penalty for an aggravated sexual battery is up to 20 years in jail. All these crimes also carry fines and court cost if convicted.

Felony Charges

The acts that constitute a sex crime may vary, but rape, statutory rape, sexual battery, and aggravated sexual battery are the most common charges. Within those charges, however, there are factual differences between the individual charges that make it difficult to state the most common sex crime.

Sex Crime Investigations

Sex crimes investigations are more meticulous and sensitive than investigations may be for other matters. These investigations involve sensitive information and testimony and when those cases go to trial, they tend to rely more heavily on testimony than on physical evidence.

Unique Aspects of These Cases

Sex crimes cases can be based completely on testimonial evidence, which is atypical in most felony cases. Without physical evidence, it is important to have a New Kent sex crimes lawyer that understands how to question and cross-examine witnesses. It is also important that an attorney understand the testimony to provided to them so as to build the best defense possible.

Role of a New Kent Sex Crimes Attorney

Due to the severity of sex crimes, an attorney needs to be powerful in their advocacy. This can only be provided by a knowledgeable, experienced, and zealous New Kent sex crimes attorney. When facing a charge for a sex crime, it is important to have an attorney that they can trust to defend their rights and help them navigate the criminal justice system.

Since there is a stigma associated with a sex crime offense, it is important to have an attorney that the client can trust, that believes in them, and that they believe in. Sex offenses, by their nature, can be lewd and shocking. An individual facing these charges needs an experienced lawyer in New Kent that they can build a bond with and feel comfortable knowing that they are fighting for their interests alone.