New Kent Traffic Lawyer

Any event that occurs on the street in a vehicle is considered a traffic offense in New Kent. These offenses can range from speeding to firearm possessions. As long as the offense occurs in a vehicle on a public highway it is considered a traffic offense. Anytime that someone is facing a traffic charge a New Kent, they should contact a defense lawyer who can help immediately in protecting their rights, interest, and license. A New Kent traffic lawyer is available to assist in building a defense a defense and ensuring you know what to expect throughout the legal process.

Penalties for Traffic Offenses

Most traffic infractions result in fines and no jail time but can affect points on an individual’s license, their insurance, and their privilege to drive.

Under some circumstances, a traffic infraction can be considered a misdemeanor and a crime. Driving too fast, driving after the court or Department of Motor Vehicle has suspended the individual’s license, or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol are circumstances that can lead to a misdemeanor traffic charge.

Reckless driving and driving on a suspended license are charges that are more serious than people think. They both carry up to 12 months in jail and up to $2,500 in fines, if convicted.

Multiple convictions of driving after a license suspension, or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, can elevate charges from a misdemeanor to a felony and warrant the attention of a New Kent traffic lawyer.

Challenging a License Suspension

A suspended license can be challenged in a couple of ways. The first is challenging the legality of the suspension; the second is challenging whether the party knew their license was suspended.

The Point System

The point system is a method by which the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles keeps track of everyone’s positive or negative driving history.

Points are associated with all moving violations. The more severe the violation, the more negative points the DMV will place on the license. However, through driving school classes and other programs, positive points can be added to an individual’s license, as well.

A minor infraction can lead to points and points can lead to an increase in insurance and/or suspension of driving privileges. A New Kent traffic lawyer will can help their client navigate through the court system, keep their points as low as possible, and protect their privileges to drive.

Defense Strategies

Every traffic case is different, depending on the charge and the factual scenario. However, in most cases it is imperative to investigate and to be knowledgeable of the law surrounding the traffic stop and the constitutionality of that stop.

Benefit of a New Kent Traffic Lawyer

It is a common misconception that traffic charges are not serious; however, traffic charges are serious and can require just as much trial work as non-traffic offenses. An attorney is necessary to avoid conviction, jail, loss of license, and fines.

Even during a routine traffic stop, if at any time a person is feeling uncomfortable during a traffic stop, they should contact a traffic attorney in New Kent to assist them through the process.

The laws in traffic court are constantly changing and evolving. An experienced lawyer is necessary to assist their client in preparing the proper defense that is tailored to their individual needs and factual scenario.

New Kent Traffic Lawyer