Trends in Henrico County Criminal Cases

Below, a Henrico County criminal lawyer discusses growing trends in Virginia and what law enforcement officers are attempting to crack down on. To discuss your case, call today and schedule a free consultation.

What Is Unique About Defending Criminal Cases In Henrico Courts?

What makes Henrico unique is that it is widely considered to be a very tough jurisdiction. Both the prosecutors and the judges in Henrico can be very strict and very tough in the trying and sentencing of criminal cases.

While it is a tough jurisdiction, prosecutors will readily negotiate and judges will sometimes dismiss cases if you can present solid legal issues and arguments on behalf of your client. In addition, both prosecutors and judges will consider mitigating factors like alcohol/drug counseling, military services, and clean records in handling cases.  If we can raise both legal issues and provide mitigating factors to consider we often are able to negotiate beneficial outcomes on behalf of our clients.

Are There Any Crimes Or Behaviors That Henrico Law Enforcement Agencies Are Trying To Crack Down On?

Law enforcement officers in Henrico are trying to crack down on specific charges like DUIs and drug charges involving harder drugs.

Henrico County is intersected by a lot of major thoroughfares and the county is rather large, so it requires you to drive everywhere. This creates issues where people leave parties and restaurants and get on the road after drinking.  This puts the community at large in danger and therefore law enforcement are very cognizant and strict on DUIs.  With regard to drugs there is an overall community safety concern as the prevalence of drugs leads to other crimes.   Henrico is a growing and thriving county so law enforcement takes an active role in pursuing these matters.

Are There Any Charges That Henrico Prosecutors Are Trying To Crack Down On And Prosecute Firmly?

In Henrico, prosecutors are really targeting DUIs and larceny charges. With respect to the DUI charges it is really a public safety concern for the community. With the major roadways in the County and the multiple accidents involving serious injuries and fatalities caused by DUIs, enforcement has become a very high priority.

They also prosecute larceny charges very strictly and it is primarily due to growing commercial sectors in the County.  They want to protect local businesses and therefore will prosecute even petty shoplifting to the utmost of the law if they can.

Are There Any Charges That The Henrico Courts Take Very Seriously?

Henrico courts and judges take DUI and reckless driving cases very seriously.  There is a public safety issue with the roadways in the area and risk of injuries to the community. In addition, repeat drug offenders will be prosecuted severely in Henrico County.

What Are Some Of The Problems You See With The Courts, And The Criminal Justice System And How They Currently Operate?

I think the biggest problem I see routinely in courts is the application of minimum mandatory sentencing. Minimum mandatory sentences are jail sentences that are simply required. The biggest problem with the minimum mandatory sentences is they take discretion away from the judges, prosecutors, and even the defense attorneys in how to handle these cases.

I will say that the County is taking a more active approach towards treatment regarding drug charges. I think that is obviously a good thing. I think that is another area of concern with large drug possession charges a lot of courts just used to be very much about how to incarcerate these individuals and what we would like to see is more of a treatment approach. I think that is more beneficial to the community. The prosecutors and judges in the Henrico County they are all starting to kind of adapt to that policy.

What Is The Benefit Of Hiring An Experienced Henrico County Criminal Lawyer?

The benefits of hiring an experienced Henrico county criminal lawyer cannot be overstated.  You need someone that has knowledge of the courts here in Henrico. To successfully practice in Henrico you need to understand their procedures, their policies, and how they handle cases. You need to know what cases they target versus and what alternatives and programs are available to your clients that may not exist in other jurisdictions.  Having an attorney that has knowledge of the judges, prosecutors, and the officers that handle these cases on a day to day basis is invaluable.