Hiring a Lawyer in Henrico County

Below, a Henrico County criminal lawyer discusses the steps of hiring an attorney including the benefits of working with a firm as opposed to a solo practitioner. To discuss your case call today and schedule a free consultation.

What Are The Top 3 Most Important Things A Person Can Do After Being Charged?

I think the top 3 things that someone upon being charged are number to speak with and retain counsel. The criminal justice system can be intimidating and very confusing.  It is important to have the guidance of someone who can navigate you through this process.

Number two is sit down with an attorney and review the case in detail and review your specific concerns.  Every client has different needs and different requirements. One client might have an immigration issue, one client might have a security clearance issue, and these different priorities will alter how we handle a case.

Number three is to prepare for the possible outcomes in the case. After speaking with your attorney you need to prepare for the possible implications a conviction could have. You also need to follow the advice of your attorney on how to help mitigate the punishment in your case. That can be doing community service or attending drug or alcohol counseling.  You have to prepare yourself and help your attorney achieve the best result possible in your case.

Why Should I Work With A Private Law Office As Opposed To Working With A Public Defender?

Using a private attorney has some benefits that may not be there with a public defender. Number one you get to obviously pick your own attorney. When choosing your own representation you can interview several attorneys, get to meet with them, know what their qualifications are, and make your own decision.

With a public defender the court is going to appoint you to an attorney. You have no say in who that is going to be. In addition, a private attorney can often times dedicate more time to a specific case. Often public defenders are carrying heavy case loads so they may not be able to provide that personal treatment that a lot of individuals seek.  Also, private attorneys can provide a more experienced approach to a case as they may have more experience in handling your type of case.

What Advantages Does A Private Defense Attorney Bring To A Case?

Primarily what a private defense attorney will bring to a specific case is experience in certain case types. You have attorneys like myself who have a great deal of experience in handling DUI matters or handling reckless driving cases as well. I have been handling these types of cases for over 14 years so the experience I have compared to what a public defender may have could differ greatly.

In addition, in some cases private attorneys can dedicate more time to a specific case. Public defenders often carry large caseloads and are sometimes unable to dedicate the time to a case and client may want.

What Is The Benefit Of Hiring An Attorney In A Law Firm As Opposed To A Solo Practitioner?

The benefit of hiring an attorney from a law firm versus a solo practitioner is the wealth of support that an entire law firm can provide.

An attorney with a law firm isn’t necessarily doing everything himself. They can get assistance from paralegals and legal secretaries that can help them prepare a case. Additionally they can lean on other attorneys at the firm for advice or experience. There is a support system at a firm that just does not exist for most solo practitioners.