Arrest Process in Henrico County Criminal Cases

Being arrested in Virginia can be a confusing process. For this reason the following is information on what you can expect if you’ve been arrested in Henrico County. To learn more about the arrest process or to discuss your case call today and schedule a consultation with a Henrico County criminal lawyer.

What Should Someone Expect From The Process Of An Arrest In Henrico County?

Once you are arrested in Henrico County the officer will transport you down to the Sherriff’s department and at that time they will begin processing. They will get your personal information, finger prints and photo. Then after that you will be brought before a magistrate where the officer will recite the facts that led him to arrest you. At that point in time the magistrate will determine what the official charges are based on the recommendations of the officer.

The magistrate will officially charge you and can determine your bond.  If it is an aggravated case or if there is a substantial criminal record many times the magistrate will simply withhold the bond and you will be held or transferred over to the Henrico County jail for holding until you can go before a judge for an arraignment and the bond hearing.

At the arraignment the judge will advise you of what you are charged with, advise you of some of the possible penalties and then give you the opportunity to decide if you want a court appointed counsel or if you want to waive your right for a court appointed counsel and hire your own attorney.

What Can You Expect From The Process Of The Case After The Charges Are Filed?

After the charges are filed you may be released on bond. Whether that is secured or unsecured depends on the magistrate. Again if there is no bond you will be taken before a judge for an arraignment and a possible bond hearing. At that point in time an attorney can request the bond on your behalf in front of a judge during the arraignment or soon thereafter. Also at the arraignment they will provide you with your trial date. Trial dates are usually set out about 45 to 60 days.

What Does A Grand Jury Mean In Henrico, Virginia?

Grand jury in Henrico determines if a felony charge is to be certified to the circuit court. With a felony charge a preliminary hearing is held in General District Court.  At this time the prosecution must show probable cause exists for a charge.  If the judge agrees, that matter is certified to the grand jury.

To the grand jury the prosecutors will present an outline of the evidence, witness statements or testimony.  If the Grand Jury finds sufficient probable cause they will enter a true bill and the case will be advance to Circuit Court for trial in front of a judge or jury.

What Is An Indictment?

An indictment is when probable cause has been shown to charge you with a felony.  If indicted your charge will advance to Circuit Court where you have a right to be tried in front of a judge or jury.

What Is The Benefit Of Hiring An Aggressive Henrico Criminal Lawyer?

I think the benefit of hiring an aggressive criminal defense lawyer in Henrico is that you need someone who will fight for you. Henrico is a very tough jurisdiction. You have to be a strong advocate for your client to get positive results. You need an attorney that will not be afraid to challenge the prosecutors and their witnesses if need be. But also someone who will negotiate strongly on your behalf.