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Have you or your child been charged with a criminal offense or for violating university conduct codes? Such a situation can be remarkably scary and confusing, but with the help of an attorney, you may be able to avoid the lifelong consequences that come with a conviction.

Colleges and universities take their conduct codes very seriously, and any violation will usually not be tolerated by administrators. To add insult to injury, a violation can remain on the academic record of a student for years to come, preventing them from moving on with their lives or obtaining the job they want. A criminal conviction can have even more negative consequences.

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Conduct Code Violations

When a student violates the Conduct Code set forth by their college or university, they can face a myriad of consequences. After breaching the Conduct Code, many students are unable to continue their college education, find a job, or participate in on-campus events. A violation can also result in a loss of campus housing, suspension, and in the worst cases, expulsion.

To make matters worse, when a student violates the Conduct Code, the violation often remains on their record permanently, preventing them from attending other schools and academic programs.

When a college accuses a student of violating its Code, the student will usually need to appear before the board for a hearing. During the hearing, the school will present its evidence and issue an appropriate punishment. Such a scenario can be intimidating to a young person, and more than likely, they will be punished if they attempt to represent themselves.

By hiring a Henrico County student defense lawyer, parents and students can assure their rights are upheld. If punishment is issued, an attorney may be able to reduce its severity.

Criminal Charges

When a student is charged with a criminal offense, it is normal for their parents to panic. After all, a criminal conviction can remain on the record of a student for the rest of their life, preventing them from obtaining housing, finding a job, or even passing a basic background check. In other words, a conviction can completely uproot the future of a person.

A criminal conviction can also result in a punishment fit for a criminal. Even minor crimes can be punishable by fines, imprisonment, community service, or any other consequence deemed appropriate by a judge. If a student has prior convictions on their record, they may be issued a harsher punishment than a student with a clean record.

When Should Students and Parents Hire an Attorney?

Fortunately for parents and students, a lawyer may be able to help. Individuals should never represent themselves, even if they have legal experience. If a student is facing a criminal or academic charge, an attorney can serve as a personal advocate and advisor.

They may also be able to get a charge reduced or dismissed by the court. They can also provide both students and parents with the guidance and advice they need to make the right legal decisions.

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If you or your child is charged with a violation or criminal offense, it may feel like the end of the world. Such feelings are expected, but you must gather your strength and take quick legal action. An attorney may be able to help you avoid the consequences you are facing.

Consult a Henrico County student defense lawyer today if you are ready to discuss your case.

Henrico County Student Defense Lawyer