3 Things You Should Know About Criminal Charges in Henrico County

According to a Henrico County defense attorney, the following are the three most important things you should know going into your court date:

#1 Know What Charges You Are Facing

Clients should have a full understanding of what they are charged with. You would be surprised by how many clients walk into my office not really understanding what they are charged with. If you are in anyway unsure it is important to consult with a criminal lawyer, as the strength of a defense depends on a number of factors including the charges that you are being defended from.

#2 Find Out What Penalties You Are Facing

Individuals need to understand what penalties they could face as a result of that charge. If it is a DUI, for example, they are facing the possibility of a long term license suspension (pdf), jail, high fines, mandatory alcohol counseling, and a significant long term increase in their insurance rates. So again, if you are unsure an attorney will be able to assist in making sure you know the potential penalties.

#3 Is There Anything I Can Do To Help Before Trial?

Clients should know which options are available to dispute the charge or try and mitigate the damage. Will treatment or counseling help? Will payment of restitution in a larceny or property damage case help? These are factors that can have a drastic impact on a case as they show the judge and the prosecutor that you are taking these charges seriously.

Role of A Henrico County Criminal Defense Attorney

As a defense attorney, what I do is educate my clients as to what they are being charged with and how the law applies to their set of facts. We then will review the possible penalties and long-term implications that these charges could have. The final step in the process will be reviewing the legal defenses available to us, the issues the prosecution’s case may have, and what steps we can take to mitigate the damages or lessen any potential sentence. Through this process I also try to educate our clients on how they can help themselves.

To learn more about this process or to begin the discussion on your case, call today and schedule an initial consultation for free. A Henrico County criminal defense attorney will be able to provide you with information regarding your case, and help you develop the strongest possible defense to fight your charges. Call today.