Common Criminal Charges in Henrico County

Below, a criminal defense attorney in Henrico County discusses the criminal charges he sees most frequently and the mistakes that those charged with criminal offenses should avoid. To discuss your case call today and schedule a free consultation.

The most common criminal cases I see in Henrico are drug possession and distribution cases, larceny cases involving shoplifting, embezzlement and then a great number of DUI cases as well.

The drug charges are more common because Henrico County is growing substantially and also because of it’s proximity to some major cities like Richmond and to Washington D.C. which makes drugs very accessible. In addition, Henrico’s proximity to major thoroughfares like 95, 295 and 64 allow for the easy transport of drugs. So I think the availability is there for individuals to purchase, distribute, etc.

Larceny charges are becoming more common due to the growth of commercial retail stores in the area and goal of law enforcement to actively prosecute shoplifting, petty larceny cases as well as embezzlement cases. They want to send a message to business owners that their interests will be protected.  The frequency with which we see DUIS is the result of how vigorously they are enforced in the County.  Henrico is also a large County where you required to drive to get anywhere. This invariably leads to DUIs as individuals drive home from nightclubs, bars, and parties. In addition, Law enforcement in Henrico is always on the lookout for signs of impaired driving.

Where Is An Individual’s Criminal Case Most Likely To Be Heard If Charged In Henrico?

Criminal cases in Henrico are heard in the Henrico Courts Building which is located in the Henrico Government Center off of Parham Road. Criminal cases are heard in the General District Court on the first floor and or in the circuit court on the second floor in the courts building which again is part of a large government complex.

Where Are Traffic Matters Heard?

Traffic maters are heard in Henrico General District Court which is in the first floor of the Courts Building. There are four courtrooms on the first floor where they hear the traffic cases.  You determine which courtroom your matter is in by viewing posted dockets outside each courtroom.

Where Is An Individual Taken After They Are Arrested?

After you are arrested in Henrico County you will be taken to the Henrico County Sherriff’s office for processing which is also located adjacent to the Henrico County Jail and  also located on Parham Road in the government complex. It is a rather large government complex. At the Sherriff’s you will be taken before a magistrate who will determine your charge and bond. If you are denied bond you will be held in the Henrico County jail for arraignment and can have a bond hearing before a judge.

What Are Some Common Mistakes You See People Charged With Criminal Offenses Make?

One of the common mistakes I see criminal defendants make is that they give statements to police and investigators prior to speaking with an attorney. In a lot of cases they just think it looks better if they are upfront and open with the officers.

In most instances however it can be a real disadvantage to give statements to law enforcement prior to speaking with an attorney. Also, we often see cases where criminal defendants try to handle their own cases without understanding the possible penalties or long-term consequences of a conviction.  Again, always consult with an attorney first.