Dinwiddie Student Defense Lawyer

If you are a student or the parent of a student facing disciplinary action on campus and/or criminal charges, legal help is available. A Dinwiddie student defense lawyer could help prepare you for any upcoming disciplinary hearings and might be able to fight any allegations you may be facing.

Various situations could result in accusations being made against a student. This may include claims of academic dishonesty (e.g., plagiarism or cheating) or illicit drug use on campus.

If the school determines that you are guilty of the accusations against you, possible consequences could include being suspended or even expelled from school. A diligent criminal defense attorney could help protect your rights as a student.

How a Criminal Defense Attorney Could Protect Defendants

A student defense attorney in Dinwiddie could assist students facing disciplinary measures in several ways. A lawyer could prepare students to go before the school disciplinary committee and present themselves in the best light possible. Legal counsel could also help ensure students’ rights are protected throughout the disciplinary process.

Student Disciplinary Situations and Hearings

Students could find themselves in a disciplinary situation as a result of several different scenarios. Situations that could put a student at risk of facing disciplinary measures from the school may include:

  • Academic dishonesty (plagiarism or cheating)
  • Fighting with another student on campus
  • Accusations of sexual assault
  • Using illicit drugs on campus
  • Underage drinking on campus

Many schools schedule a hearing to review the details of a situation when a student is accused of wrongdoing. On campus, there may not be any legal or academic requirement to prove a student’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, as is the case within the criminal justice system.

This lesser burden of proof could mean a school may find it easier to determine whether a student is guilty of an alleged wrongdoing than a court of law. It might be in a student’s best interests to obtain legal guidance when facing a disciplinary situation on campus. A Dinwiddie student defense lawyer could provide legal guidance and look out for a student’s best interests in a campus disciplinary situation.

The Potential for Criminal Charges

Depending on the nature of the alleged wrongdoings, it is possible for a student facing disciplinary measures to also face criminal charges. Many schools elect to handle disciplinary situations themselves. However, in some cases, a school might choose to involve local law enforcement.

Students who find themselves also facing criminal charges for events that allegedly occurred on campus are wise to seek legal representation. Legal counsel could help a student facing criminal charges. An attorney could prepare an appropriate defense to the charges and safeguard a student’s due process.

Speak with a Dinwiddie Student Defense Attorney

Facing accusations of wrongdoing and the potential possibility of disciplinary action on campus can be overwhelming. Help may be available so that you do not have to face the situation alone or unprepared.

A lawyer could fight to protect your rights while working to help you obtain the best possible resolution to your situation. Speak with a Dinwiddie student defense lawyer today.