Dinwiddie Appeals Lawyer

Not all cases can be effectively resolved at the trial level. Some involve detailed and unsettled issues of law that require a higher court to decide, while others see errors made at trial that need to be resolved on appeal.

In either case, the lawyer that saw the case through trial might not be the best lawyer to handle the appeal – the appeals process is very different and requires a vastly different skill set than was useful at the initial trial.

If your case is going to take an appeal to resolve completely, retaining a Dinwiddie appeals lawyer can ensure that your rights continue to be protected as the case moves deeper into the legal system. Furthermore, a well-vesred attorney could help to explain each step of the ensuing process and advise you on how to proceed.

The Different Courts that Serve Dinwiddie

There are three layers of courts in the state, plus the district court, which handles especially small disputes and criminal cases.

The first is the circuit court, which is where trials are held for criminal matters and civil lawsuits that involve more than $25,000. This is where complaints are filed, motions are made, and trial heard by a jury. Appeals from a circuit court go to the court of appeals, the second layer in the state’s judiciary system. Finally, appeals from the court of appeals go to the third and highest court in the state, the Supreme Court of Virginia, in Richmond.

How each court works, though, is very different. Appellate courts rely far more on motions and written arguments than on hearings and oral arguments. These differences can put a trial attorney out of their element, and make it important to hire a Dinwiddie appeals lawyer for cases that leave the circuit court level.

Reasons for an Appeal: Unsettled Law and Trial Error

Broadly speaking, there are two main reasons for appealing a case from the trial level: The case involves an area of unsettled law, or there was a mistake made at trial.

Despite decades of arguing cases, there are still points of law that can be vague or open to interpretation. When a particular case falls into one of these cracks in the law, it can be unclear who should win. Cases that involve these areas of dispute are no-win situations for the trial court hearing them – no matter how they decide, the loser will likely file an appeal to have a higher court rehear the issue.

These cases in particular call for a Dinwiddie appeals attorney, as the research and argumentative strategies that they call for is very different from what would work at the underlying trial.

Other appeals stem from errors that the trial court made in the lead up to the trial, or during the trial, itself. Trial judges can make poor decisions that can drastically affect the outcome of a case, like excluding evidence from trial that stands the chance of significantly swaying the result.

Challenging these decisions requires filing an appeal, and then convincing the appellate judge that an error was made and that it deserves their attention and reprimand.

A Dinwiddie Appeals Attorney Can See a Case Through to the End

Taking a case to the courts for resolution is an important decision to make. When the trial did not produce the outcome that you wanted or made a mistake that created the wrong result, appealing your case is a pivotal part of the process of ensuring that your case is heard and your rights are preserved.

Using the right lawyers for your appeal is key. With a Dinwiddie appeals lawyer on your side, you can rest assured that your lawyer understands and is familiar with the very different appellate process, and that your case will be handled with care. Contact one today.