Dinwiddie Theft Lawyer

Facing charges of theft may be a stressful ordeal that leads you to wonder how you could defend yourself against the charges and achieve the best resolution to your situation. A Dinwiddie theft lawyer could help you by preparing a defense and fighting on your behalf.

An experienced defense attorney who is familiar with theft laws could determine how to defend you against theft charges. Attempting to defend yourself and also navigate the legal system might become complicated. Allow a lawyer who handles theft crimes to champion your cause.

How a Theft Attorney Could Help You

There may be several ways in which a Dinwiddie attorney for theft could help a person facing theft charges. An attorney could review a person’s case and prepare a strategy for defending that person against the charges.

Attorneys could also answer legal questions, ensure a person’s due process rights are protected and could work to represent the accused’s interest in court.

Dinwiddie Laws Against Larceny

The different types of criminal offenses in Dinwiddie, and throughout the state of Virginia, are outlined in the Code of Virginia under title 18.2. The crime of theft is also referred to as larceny and is covered in article three of chapter five, which pertains to crimes against property. Theft, or larceny, is an offense that typically involves taking property that belongs to someone else without that person’s permission.

The law describes two levels of theft offenses. Petty larceny, or petit larceny, involves stealing property with a value that is less than $500. Grand larceny involves stealing property with a value of $500 or greater. A Dinwiddie lawyer could explain theft laws in greater detail. This may include receiving stolen property and other theft-related offenses.

Potential Penalties for a Criminal Conviction

The legal sanctions for theft in Dinwiddie depends on the nature of the charges and the alleged theft offense. The sanctions for grand larceny, which could be classified as a felony, are more severe than for petty larceny, which is a class one misdemeanor.

A Dinwiddie theft lawyer could explain the possible legal sanctions associated with the specific theft charges an individual might be facing.

The legal sanctions associated with grand larceny may include a prison term of between one and 20 years and a fine of $2,500 or less. The sanctions for petty larceny may include a jail term of up to 12 months and a fine of $2,500 or less.

While it is a more serious offense, the court could elect to impose a sentence more typically associated with petty larceny for grand larceny convictions in certain cases.

Turning to a Dinwiddie Theft Attorney

Attempting to fight charges of theft on your own may be confusing and overwhelming. It may not be easy to make sense of the laws pertaining to different types of theft and the associated legal penalties. You may not need to try and decipher theft laws or try to defend yourself against the charges.

A theft lawyer could provide the legal assistance you need to prepare a defense to the charges. A lawyer could also protect your due process rights and could work tirelessly on your case. Speak with a Dinwiddie theft lawyer about your case today.

Dinwiddie Theft Lawyer