Dinwiddie Sex Crimes Lawyer

Even before conviction, being charged with a sexual offense can affect a person’s job opportunities and housing. It can also put constraints on that person’s freedom and can ultimately hurt their family. Every sex crime involves sensitive and private information that people do not want to be presented to the public.

Furthermore, in the court of public opinion, there is a horrible stigma attached to anyone that is charged or convicted of a sex crime, and if a person is convicted of a sexual offense requiring registration, they will forever be branded as a sex offender.

Due to the severity of the consequences that can result from sex crime charges, it is very important that a person facing these charges contacts a Dinwiddie criminal lawyer as soon possible. A Dinwiddie sex crimes lawyer can use their knowledge of the area and their experience in similar cases in order to prepare a vigorous defense.

Types of Sexual Offenses

There are a variety of sex crimes in which a person can be charged in Dinwiddie. Sex crimes are generally defined as a sexual act on a person that has not given or is not capable of giving consent. The acts that constitute a sex crime vary and change with every allegation.

There are, however, three major categories of sex crimes: rape, sodomy, and sexual battery. The majority of sex crimes seen in Dinwiddie are a variation of sodomy or sexual battery. Rape and sodomy both carry a penalty of five years to life imprisonment. Sexual battery is a class one misdemeanor where the penalty could be up to 12 months incarceration.

The consequences that can result from a sex crimes conviction can alter a person’s life in countless ways, as well as the lives of their loved ones, which is why it is so crucial to contact a Dinwiddie sex crimes attorney, who can help a person combat the charges against them, right away.

Working with a Dinwiddie Sex Crimes Attorney

Sex crimes cases can be based completely on testimonial evidence, which is atypical in most felony cases. Without physical evidence, it is important to have a Dinwiddie sex crimes lawyer that understands how to question and cross-examine witnesses. It is also important that the attorney understands the person’s testimony to provide them with the best defense possible.

Sex crimes investigations are more meticulous and sensitive than investigations may be for other matters. The majority of sex crimes involve children and family members.  Investigations involve multiple interviews, forensics, child services, victim witness officers, and a multitude of other party’s all pertinent to a thorough investigation.

Additionally, sexual offenses involve sensitive factual scenarios with a lot of legal nuances and details that have to be sifted through. A sex crimes attorney in Dinwiddie is necessary to navigate through those nuances and details to find the relevant information that may impact a person’s case in both a negative and positive way. With a sexual offense, any misstep can have a negative impact on an individual’s case.

What to Look For

With the stigma associated with a sexual offense, it is important for a person to have an attorney that they can trust, that believes in them, and that they believe in. Sex offenses, by their nature, can be lewd and shocking.  Therefore, a person facing these charges needs an attorney that they can build a bond with and feel comfortable knowing that they are fighting for the defendant’s interest and the defendant’s interest alone.

Furthermore, due to the severity and high stakes of sex crimes, a person needs an attorney that is going to be powerful in their advocacy. This can only be provided by a knowledgeable, experienced, and qualified attorney. When facing a charge for a sex crime, it is important for a person to have an attorney that they can trust to defend their rights and help them navigate the criminal justice system.