Dinwiddie Expungement Lawyer

Even an allegation of criminal activity comes with grave penalties. While convictions can lead to expensive fines, lots of jail time, and lengthy probation sentences, even criminal charges can put a dark blemish on your criminal history – a mark that can be seen by anyone who cares to run a criminal background check.

Having a criminal past can be difficult to overcome. Employers can point to your prior offense or charge as a reason not to hire you, and certain prior offenses can keep you from voting, owning a firearm, or obtaining a professional license or permit that you need to earn an income.

Expunging or sealing your criminal record from view can be the most important part of moving on. A Dinwiddie expungement lawyer can help you do it. By consulting with a well-versed attorney, you could discuss your legal options.

How Does Expungement Work?

Expunging a criminal record, or sealing it from the view of the public, is a formal process that requests the state government to take a prior criminal offense or allegation off the public records. It begins with a carefully crafted petition for expungement that explains why the records should be sealed from the public eye and provides supporting documentation.

In Dinwiddie, once this petition is served on the state, law enforcement will conduct background checks to ensure all of the statements in the petition are correct.

If everything checks out, the local court will schedule a hearing to determine if it can, or should, seal the records. Throughout, a Dinwiddie expungement lawyer can be a great asset to have.

The Benefits of Expunging a Criminal Record

The collateral consequences of a criminal conviction, especially on a felony-level charge, are intense. They can keep defendants from voting, running for public office, or even owning a firearm. Many professional licenses are off limits to people who have been convicted for certain offenses, making it more difficult for these people to earn a living once they have done their time for the offense.

Expunging a criminal record seals it from the eyes of the people who are the most likely to continue to discriminate against someone with a criminal history – even if that history only contains evidence of an allegation, but not a conviction.

For example, expunging a prior allegation of reckless driving can help someone resume their career as a truck driver by keeping potential employers from judging them before learning that the prior offense was a misunderstanding and did not lead to a conviction.

With the guidance of a Dinwiddie expungement lawyer, people with a criminal history can get the help they need to get their life back on track.

Not All Offenses Can Be Expunged

Unfortunately, not all criminal offenses can be expunged from public view in Dinwiddie. Convictions are notoriously difficult to be expunged from a criminal record. Allegations or criminal charges that ended up being dismissed or that led to acquittals at trial can be sealed but are not always sealed.

Talking to a Dinwiddie expungement lawyer is the best way to understand the odds of sealing a particular offense and taking appropriate action.

Let a Dinwiddie Expungement Attorney Assist You

Sealing your criminal allegation or offense from public view can be the most important part of beating the charge or dealing with the repercussions of a conviction. However, the process is difficult and any mistake you make can doom your chances of success.

The experience that a Dinwiddie expungement lawyer has accumulated can make a huge difference in the outcome of your endeavor. Contact one today to talk about your options and decide what is your best course of action.