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Criminal charges can be especially serious for students currently enrolled in college or university, especially since convictions for certain offenses may lead to jail time. Even worse, students with a criminal background may be unable to continue their education and obtain the job they want even after they pay their debt to society

If you are a college student currently facing criminal or academic code charges, you may be frightened and angry, especially if you have never been in a similar situation before. Fortunately, with help from an experienced criminal defense attorney, you may be able to protect both your rights and best interests. Get in touch with a Charles City student defense lawyer to learn what your options may be.

Criminal Charges for Students

If a student is arrested for a criminal act, law enforcement agents will more than likely notify their college or university. This means a student may potentially face disciplinary action from both a college committee and criminal court. Common campus crimes include DUI, sexual assault, weapon charges, and drug possession, and the consequences of a conviction for any of the previously mentioned offenses can range from fines and community service to years behind bars.

It is important to remember in a criminal case, the burden of proof is on the prosecution, not the defendant. In practice, this means the prosecutor will use evidence such as witness testimony, video or phone records, and anything else necessary to compile a case against a student. Fortunately, if a student in Charles City chooses to hire a student defense attorney, they could have a dedicated ally in their corner ready to conduct research of their own and contest the prosecution’s findings and conclusions.

Conduct Code Violations

Allegations of plagiarism, cheating, and other academic policy violations typically do not involve criminal charges, but they can result in disciplinary action from a school. If a student faces a disciplinary charge, they will more than likely have to appear before a conduct committee, which in certain cases can be just as serious as having to appear before a judge in a courtroom. If the committee finds wrongdoing, they have the right to levy significant penalties, often up to and including suspension or expulsion.

Unlike criminal cases, in which the burden of proof lies on the prosecution, a person charged with engaging in inappropriate activity according to a school code may hold the burden of proving they did not do something wrong. Anything a person says during an investigation can be used against them, and often students do not receive a warning about their rights at this time, although a student defense lawyer in Charles City could still provide guidance and support.

Although academic code violations may seem less serious than criminal charges, they can still have a major impact on the life of a student. If a student is expelled, their charges would more than likely remain on their permanent record. This could prevent a student from enrolling in a new school or academic program, impacting their earning and career potential.

Contact a Charles City Student Defense Attorney

If you are facing charges related to academic code violations or criminal acts, you must act fast before it is too late. Criminal and academic code charges are both taken seriously, and if you wait too soon to hire an attorney, you could easily see your life and future taken from you before your eyes. Do not jeopardize your future or your education—contact a Charles City student defense lawyer to discuss the details of your case.