Charles City Fraud Lawyer

Fraud can come in many forms. However, generally speaking, this crime relates to the unlawful taking of money or property through misrepresentation. Anything from lying on mortgage forms to forging a signature on a paycheck could result in a charge for intentional deception.

If you are facing fraud charges, you could benefit from working with an experienced defense attorney. A Charles City fraud lawyer could help you understand your charges and guide you through the life of your case. While the penalties associated with intentional deception can be severe, the right legal counsel could help minimize these consequences.

Types of Fraud

These charges vary significantly in their severity. In general, crimes involving larger amounts of money or particularly vulnerable victims may result in felony charges. For lesser offenses, a defendant could face misdemeanor charges. In either case, a Charles City fraud attorney could help develop a viable defense strategy.


Misdemeanor fraud charges can range from Class 4 to Class 1 offenses. The most severe penalty for a misdemeanor charge is a maximum of one year in jail. An offense involving a child could also result in the court barring a defendant from coming within 100 feet of a daycare or school. Some examples of misdemeanor fraud charges may include:

  • Impersonating an officer
  • Illegally using an insignia
  • Issuing bad checks under $500


Some types of fraud charges could either be a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the value of the item that was allegedly stolen. More severe charges for intentional deception include Class 4, Class 5, and Class 6 felonies. Some common felony charges may include:

  • Forging coins or banknotes
  • Obtaining money under false pretenses
  • Forging public records

Building a Strong Defense

While some fraud cases in Charles City can be easily defensible, accused individuals still may require guidance from a seasoned lawyer. To have a successful outcome in a case, an attorney must take the steps necessary to build a strong defense.

Developing a strong defense starts with an initial investigation. Fraudulent crimes, such as embezzlement, typically relate to financial documents, which a lawyer must review carefully. Many financial transactions can be inherently complex, which can lead to law enforcement mistakenly filing fraud charges.

A defense attorney also may assess the police report, which could provide insight into the circumstances surrounding the arrest. If law enforcement violated the defendant’s rights during the arrest, the court may have to exclude any evidence subsequently collected.

Consult with a Charles City Fraud Attorney

A dedicated criminal attorney could help you following an arrest by holding the prosecutor to their burden of proof. It is not enough for the state to accuse you of fraud; they also must prove it. If they fail to convince a jury, you could leave court with an acquittal.

One of the most important aspects of a defense attorney is vigorous representation. If you are ready to discuss your case with a Charles City fraud lawyer that could fiercely advocate on your behalf, call today to schedule a free consultation.

Charles City Fraud Lawyer