Charles City Solicitation Lawyer

If you are facing a solicitation charge, there are many consequences to consider. A conviction could carry severe legal penalties that could put you behind bars. These consequences go beyond formal penalties, as a conviction also may have a major impact on your social and professional relationships.

You do not have to fight these charges on your own. A practiced criminal defense attorney could take on your case and provide you with the legal guidance you need. Additionally, a Charles City solicitation lawyer could work to build a case in your defense that helps to mitigate the potential consequences.

What is Solicitation?

Solicitation generally involves a person seeking sex in exchange for money or its equivalent. The most important thing to note about these charges is that merely pursuing sex for money or its equivalent is enough to constitute a criminal act. Therefore, there is no requirement that sexual conduct must actually take place.

Virginia Code § 18.2-346 establishes the elements of solicitation. For a prosecutor to obtain a conviction for soliciting a prostitute, they must first prove that the defendant made an offer. This offer can be money or its equivalent—or something else of value. Such as narcotics or other services.

Additionally, a prosecutor also must demonstrate that the offer from the defendant is in exchange for a sexual act. As previously mentioned, to obtain a conviction, a prosecutor needs only to show that the defendant made an offer. They can obtain a conviction for solicitation even if there is no sexual act or exchange of money or its equivalent actually occurred.

A defendant must take a substantial act in furtherance of their offer. While this does not have to involve a completed transaction, the defendant must do more than simply make an offer of sex for money or its equivalent. An act in furtherance of an agreement may include anything from handing over the promised money, its equivalent, or undressing. A Charles City solicitation attorney could provide legal guidance to an accused individual on what constitutes such an act.

Potential Defense Strategies

There are many potential defenses that a lawyer may use in a Charles City solicitation case. While an attorney may use some more than others, they each have their place depending on the circumstances.


One of the most commonly used defenses in a solicitation case is entrapment. While the police are allowed to use trickery or undercover operations, they cannot induce a person to commit a crime. If they do, the court could dismiss the charges.

How do you Defend Against a Mistaken Identity Charge?

In some cases, multiple arrests could happen at once in a busy public place. A defendant may have a valid defense if the arresting officer mistook them for another person that was offering sex in exchange for money or its equivalent.

Violation of a Person’s Constitutional Rights

When law enforcement violates an individual’s fourth amendment rights, this could result in a viable defense. If law enforcement seizes a person or searches their belongings illegally, a lawyer could move to have any evidence they discover excluded.

Learn How a Charles City Solicitation Attorney Could Help

From representing you in court to filing motions to have the evidence against you excluded, your attorney could meet a variety of your legal needs. When you are facing charges of offering sexual acts for items of value, your legal counsel could be the strongest confidant and supporter you have.

If you are ready to fight the charges against you, contact a Charles City solicitation lawyer immediately. By calling today, you can set up your initial consultation with your prospective lawyer.