Charles City Sex Crimes Lawyer

Charles City and the rest of Virginia have strict penalties for a wide variety of sex crimes. In addition to the penalties imposed by the court, there are life-long consequences and societal stigmas placed on those who have been deemed to be sexual offenders. Due to these consequences, it is important to challenge your offense and protect your reputation with the help of a Charles City sex crimes lawyer. An experienced defense attorney can investigate the evidence against you and ensure a strong defense is possible.

Types of Sexual Offenses

Sex crimes are broken down into several categories by the state of Virginia. There may be some overlap between categories, but the goal is to classify every type of illegal sexual behavior. The exact nature of the charge can change depending on the facts of the case, like whether a weapon was used. Some common offenses that may warrant contact with a sex crimes attorney in Charles City include:

  • Sexual assault – This covers any act of sexual aggression or unwanted sexual contact. Instances include rape, spousal rape, sexual battery, and forced sexual advances
  • Crimes against nature – The charge is more commonly applied to instances of incest. Sexual contact between members of the same family is considered a sex crime even if it is consensual
  • Sexual predation – Anyone who engages in intimidating or menacing sexual behavior can be charged with this crime. Common examples include stalkers, both in person and online, as well as flashers
  • Child sexual abuse – Any sexual contact with a child is considered a crime. This includes instances of predation, physical abuse, or the ownership or distribution of pornographic materials featuring children

Penalties and Consequences

Any one of the charges listed above carries with it a sizable penalty. Only a sex crimes lawyer in Charles City can stand up for the innocence of the accused and fight to have the charges thrown out or reduced. Here are penalties that commonly apply to any and all sex crimes committed in the state of Virginia.

  • Sex Offender Registry – Anyone convicted of a sex crime may have to register as a sex offender, agree to live under certain restrictions, and live with the social stigma placed on sex offenders
  • Jail Time – Nearly all sex crimes in the state of Virginia expose the defendant to a jail sentence. At minimum, this will run for six months, and at maximum, it could send defendant’s to jail for life
  • Fines – Convicted sex offenders can be ordered to pay fines ranging from as little as $250 to as high as $100,000
  • Restricted freedoms – If someone is registered as a sex offender, their rights and privileges can be restricted, especially if children were involved in the crime

Contact a Sex Crimes Attorney in Charles City

A sex crimes conviction in Virginia is going to have severe consequences and penalties and will be best to avoid. If you have been charged with a sex crime, a Charles City sex crimes lawyer can establish the facts of your case, study the letter of the law, and devise a defense that fights hard for your freedom. Call us as soon as possible.

Charles City Sex Crimes Lawyer